This Instructable will show you how to create a tiny tool kit using the ever-popular Altoids box. All these tools will fit! (edit: the wrenches will only fit if you follow the optional steps at the end)

Step 1: Step One--what You Need

You will need:
2 altoids boxes (I cut them down with tin snips and taped the cut edges). Tin snips breeze through the metal, just watch out for sharp edges!

You choose the tools to go into your tool kit. My choices were: 1/4" drive sockets 1/2", 7/32", 3/8" and so on, down to 1/4.

I had a strip of hex bits that came with a larger tool kit, which fit perfectly in the tin. You will also need a hex-to 1/4" adapter.

I had to buy an L-shaped Craftsman hex driver and cut the end off short enough to fit in the tin. Use a Dremel or grinder if you have it--cutting with a hacksaw will take some time. File the cut end so it's not sharp. I also got a round keychain screwdriver at Sears.

I cut down an x-acto knife to fit in the tin. File the cut end.

I cut a hacksaw blade to fit inside the x-acto knife handle.

I cut a pen to fit inside the x-acto knife handle.

Step 2: Step Two--more Tools

I wanted some kind of multi-tools to fit in my kit, so I found my Leatherman Micra and got a Swiss Tech keyring plier tool at Lowe's. Great price, too!

I'm a flashlight nut, so when I saw these keychain flashlights I had to have one...err...three.

Step 3: Step 3--start Arranging Tools--first Tin

This is the fun part--lay out your tools in the Altoids tins. If things don't fit right, take it all out and try again. Keep working at it until you're happy with the layout.

Step 4: Step 4--more Tools--second Tin

Arrange the cut-down hex driver handle, Micra, keychain pliers, and flashlight in the second tin.

Tape x-acto blade and Craftsman round keychain screwdriver to lid. I added a few sheets of post-it notes to the lid also.

Step 5: Step 5--now You're Done! or Are You??

At this point you're done--if you can close the lids and like the way it's all laid out, you're good to go.

I carried these boxes rubber-banded together in my bag for about a week. I really wanted a little more room than an Altoids box had inside. While shopping at my favorite "treasure shop" I found the perfect addition to my toolkit--an Eddie Bauer man-purse/wallet thing.

Some judicious surgery on the wallet created an exactly-the-right-size pocket for the two tins to fit inside, plus extra room for wrenches and other goodies. I singed the cut edges carefully with a lighter to keep the fraying to a minimum.

Step 6: You're Done! Ready for Anything With Your Mighty-tiny Tool Kit!

Use your imagination and modify to fit your needs.

Time to go find a tiny Vise-grip tool......

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10 years ago on Introduction

For the Vise-Grip, maybe you could consider ditching your Leatherman Micra and replacing it with a Leatherman Crunch (http://www.leatherman.com/product/Crunch) or a Gerber Grappler (http://www.gerbergear.com/Industrial/Tools/grappler_31-000333), although both are full size PMTs, might not fit into the Altoid Tin but will surely fit into the Eddie Bauer pouch. They are a bit pricey though :(

xxx k550
xxx k550

12 years ago on Introduction

Thats great, i love how the tools are a perfect fit! 5/5


12 years ago on Introduction

Nice toot kit... have you seen my instructable? It's called the "bicycle mini tool kit" I have a fellow who has posted several questions and it seems your design may better suit him. So I have referred him to your kit.


13 years ago on Introduction

whats your treasure shop just wondering???


Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

Goodwill outlet store--everything is sold by the pound--small light things like bags are very useful and dirt cheap.