Introduction: MINECRAFT Real Life

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In this episode of minecraft in real life, i will show you how to build a realistic Minecraft Enchantment end Table. It is for my daughter Izzy. I show you the step by step process of making this minecraft mod video game inspired piece. Perfect for your kids room and to store all of the families favorite books. And as always, our videos are 100% kid and family friendly with absolutely no swearing what so ever!

Please tell Dan tdm that I have a very special present for him coming! Here is the list of products I used for this build! Kreg Pocket hole jig- Blum Hinges- Titebond wood glue - Spray coat-

Step 1: Build the Box

First you start by making a simple storage box

Step 2: Getting the Box Ready to Accept the Vinyl

Now you will sand everything smooth and apply a spray finish to make the wood very smooth to the touch by filling all of the wood pores. This will help the sticker stick.

Step 3: Put the Minecraft Enchantment Storage Box in Your Favorite Room

My daughter was super happy with the way this project turned out!

Step 4:

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