Introduction: MInecraft Sword - From Fondant

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This is my first attempt at this, yes I made an error - but fixed it - and will show you all the good bits and the not so good bits so you can make your own.

This will eventually adorn the top of a Minecraft birthday cake for my Grandson.

I've also added a quick slideshow instruction video at the end. I'm still working on making these videos for my work, if you have any suggestions for this novice, I will welcome them. But be nice (",)

Step 1: I Used

  • Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste (see note below) in:
    • Black
    • White
    • Forget-me-not Blue
  • Sugarflair colour paste in chocolate brown
  • PME Geometric Cutters - squares*
  • Clear piping gel
  • A craft knife aka 'Exacto knife' or scalpel
  • Rolling pin with two different size guides - 1mm and 2mm

* You don't have to use these if you can cut square using any other method.

You can use:

  • A sharp-cornered square cutter
  • Graph paper as a guide and a good ruler with a craft knife

Note: If you do not have modelling paste, use standard fondant and add CMC / Tylo / Tylos Powder / Gum-Tex according the the product instructions.

Step 2: To Get the Colours I Used

If, like me, you're not lucky enough to have the colours you require and only the colours in the list above ...

To get the colours I used, I mixed:

  • Two parts white to one part blue - for the pale blue
  • Two parts blue to one part white - for the darker blue
  • I used the chocolate colour paste to colour the white fondant until I got the colour I required

Step 3: Roll Out and Cut

I started by rolling out the paste, using the thinnest guide on my rolling pin - about 1mm

I quickly realised that, while the sizes on the geometric cutters are perfect for the cake decoration, but they were far too big for the fondant sword.

To make the size I needed, about 8mm square, I :

  • Cut them using the biggest square
  • Cut that square into quarters using the smallest cutter
  • Cut this square into quarters, still using the smallest cutter

Which left me with the size I needed.

  • Allow to dry for a few minutes

Step 4: Cut Sufficient Squares

This is what I used for one side:

  • Black - Cut 58
  • Pale Blue - Cut 20
  • Dark Blue - Cut 16
  • Brown - Cut 4
  • Don't forget to cut extra - just in case

Step 5: Do a 'dummy Run'

I lay each, individual square according to the 'plan' that I had been given and did a 'dummy run' with all the tiny squares.

From pommel to tip, the whole sword is less than 10 inches long, which is perfect because that will be the size of the cake when I bake it.

Step 6: Prepare the 'canvas' and Start Gluing

Now that I have the length and the width of the guard, I rolled out the black fondant paste using the thicker guide on the rolling pin to accommodate the size I had.

About 10 inches long, 5 inches wide by 2mm thickness

Next I glued them on, using clear piping gel, in the order that I had placed them during my dummy run.

Step 7: Cut the Outline

Once glued down, I cut out the outline shape, using a craft knife.

Using a fine paint brush, I placed some piping gel in between each of the squares and then all over the sword.

Step 8: Allow to Dry

Allow to dry overnight.

Once completely dry, turn over and repeat the process on the other side. This is optional.

Once again, allow to dry completely before adding to the cake

Step 9: A Quick Slideshow Instruction Video

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