Introduction: M&M Popcorn

This is a super easy snack to make! It is great for sharing with friends and for when you a craving something sweet, salty and DELICIOUS! M&M popcorn is a great way to add something new to your popcorn and give it a new taste! Here is a quick and easy set of instructions to help you!


- Popsecret Homestyle Microwave Popcorn

- Large bag of milk chocolate M&Mʻs

-Measuring Cup

-Large Bowl



Step 1:

Follow the instructions on the back of the Homestyle Pop secret Popcorn Bag bowl to pop your popcorn

*note* I prefer to pop the popcorn for 2 minutes so that your popcorn is not burnt or stale and chewy. By hoping your popcorn for 2 minutes it creates a very balanced flavor that goes best with the m & mʻs

Step 2:

Take the Bag out of the microwave and slowly open the bag to let the steam out

Step 3:

Slowly pour popcorn into large bowl

Step 4:

Measure one cup of m &ʻs

Step 5:

Slowly pour m &ʻs into the large bowl of popcorn

Step 6:

Using a spoon mix the popcorn and m &ʻs until the m &ʻs are spread throughout the bowl

Step 7:

Enjoy your delicious m & m popcorn!