Introduction: MT Mask for COVID19

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This public service announcement is a one page Instructable to call attention to a 3D Printing movement that started with some doctors in Billings, MT to help alleviate the shortage of medical masks available to our caregivers. Currently I am printing as many masks as I can for a hospital in ND. There is a movement in Denver to print 500 of these for a local hospital over the course of this weekend. (Update: They hit 350 respirators in three days including inception of idea through delivery of product.) This will allow a medical worker to get 6 uses out of a single mask.

With many working from home you may have time to keep an eye on your printer(s) and do something beneficial for your community. I wanted to pass this information along. The website does offer ideas on how to help, as well as the required files.

If you haven't heard many people are also printing face shield brackets for the medical industry. Although this is an important need as well I have not dug into that process myself.

I am happy to answer questions, but the website can guide you much better than I can. I did not add the files here as they seem to be ever evolving and I would want you to have the latest files available. So keep and eye on