Introduction: MYOG Trail Gaiters From a Buff

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I love trailrunning - but I really dislike small gravel, sticks and pineneedles that all the time torture my feet once they found their way into my shoes...

Luckily there is an easy solution - only about 15 to 20 minutes away!

Homemade trail gaiters from a buff and some laying around items.

good, if you can operate a sewing machine, but also full achievable with only handsewing ( there is an excellent class for that here on instructables!)

they are real lightweights with only 21 grams ( 0,74oz) !

If you love running and making your own gear - this one is for you!

Step 1: Materials Needed


  • a buff or similar tube scarf - I used a no name one, that I got for free once
  • 2 boot lock hooks: I used a pair from old trousers, other possible solutions are: picture hooks ( shown on the picture) or 2 buttons with a piece of cord would work or what about a piece of velcro?
  • a piece of elastic band


  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • If you have a sewing machine - use it :)

Step 2: Cut Scarf in Half

fold the scarf once to find the middle lengthwise,

and simply cut it in half.

Step 3: Boot Lock

The boot lock is hooked into the laces and will hold the gaiter in place and prevent it from rolling up.

use needle and thread to attach the boot lock hooks / velcro or whatever you found

on a side of the new cut scarf piece. - In fact it does not matter where on the edge you place it

- double the edge where you attach the hook.

Step 4: Sizing

turn the fabric tube inside out

get your running shoes on,

put on the -soon to be - gaiter

hook the boot lock

pin the fabric tight around your shoe and ankle

careful take off the pinned gaiter - the fabric is very elastic, so it should fit over your shoe without problems.

Step 5: Sewing Along

choose a zig zag stitch on your sewng machine and follow the pinned line.

before cutting the excess fabric, try the gaiter on over your shoes!!!

when it fits, cut it off with some space to the seam you made earlier.

sew one more line ith the zig zag, to secure it from fraying.

NOTE: all of you that are routined sewers, will INSTANTLY notice my bad sewing - don't worry, you won't notice while I'm running :D

Step 6: Elastic Band

sew on the elastic band on one side of the gaiter tube ( double the band and the gaiter fabric)

try it on with your shoes to find the correct length - for me it was about 7cm (2,7") plus the allowance for the seam.

sew the other end to the other side!

- your done with your first gaiter!

repeat the steps for the 2nd one and then give it a test run!!!

Step 7: Lightweight

my pair of trail gaiters weigh only 21 grams (0,74oz)

real lightweight gear!

Step 8: Give It a Test Run!

Now after my first test run, I'm pleased with the resut!

No more pine needles and sand that stop me!

meet me on the trail!

~I hope you enjoyed your stay~
sincerely, Mimikry

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