Introduction: Mac and Cheese With a Twist

Chances are you’ve made macaroni and cheese before, but have you ever tried it with an international twist? Although we’ll never get tired of the basic version, some of these ideas are absolutely delicious (bacon!) and definitely won a place in our hearts. For some recipes that incorporate some of these ideas, check out our Mac and Cheese PDF (warning:  do not view if hungry) -

Mexico/Southwestern:  Chicken Fajita Mac and Cheese
No fajitas necessary – instead, fold the chicken, bell pepper, onion and chili pepper into layers of rotini and pepper jack/cheddar cheeses. Top with crunchy tortilla chips!

Italy:  Mac and Cheese Carbonara
Carbonara is based on four ingredient favorites--eggs, cheese, bacon and black pepper—which can all be worked into a mac for an indulgent twist. (Not sure how? See the PDF above.)

USA:  Red, White & Blue Mac and Cheese
You wouldn’t be surprised by Monterey Jack or cheddar in your mac, but blue? You’ll love its tangy and fragrant flavor, but keep it subtle by using just a little and adding oven roasted tomatoes for a balance of sweetness.

Greece:  Feta and Spinach Mac
Creamy feta, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh herbs – this is a sophisticated, grown-up mac and cheese.