Introduction: Macgyver Timed Door Opener

Step 1: What You Need

the first thing you will need is your trusty Swiss Army Knife. next you will need - a good length of para cord - a weight ( bucket, brick etc... ) - some matches - your trusty role of duct tape - apiece of wire - a little bit of time and your ever so important Macgyver themed music playing in the back ground

Step 2: Find a Weight

Find a brick, or a bucket and tie a long piece of string to it.

Step 3: Find Your Door

Locate the door you want to open

Step 4: Find a Hook

Find a place on the ceiling that you can run a loop of string

Step 5: Tie a Knot

Tie a loop not in the middle of the string that's on the weight

Step 6: Wrap the Knob

Take the end of your first cord and wrap it around the doorknob 5 times and put the brick threw the loop on the ceiling

Step 7: Screw Loose

Find a loose screw in a wall or table, pull the screw out a little and wrap the end of some string around it then use your Swiss Army knife to put the screw back in

Step 8: Tie It Up

Take that string you just wrapped, and tie it very tight to the loop tied to the brick

Step 9: Fuse

Take your wire and bend it in the shape of an Double L. Then bend the end and tie your fuse( string ) to it. Finally tape a few matches to the end of the wire

Step 10: Placing the Fuse

Tape the fuse assembally under the string tied to the loop

Step 11: Set Up

Open the door just enough so that the bolt clears the hole

Step 12: Light the Fuse

Light the bottom of the fuse and wait

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