Pvc Arrow Quiver




Introduction: Pvc Arrow Quiver

Step 1: Get Supplies

Get a 1 - 2 in pvc cap 1 - 18 in section of 2 in pvc 1 - length of para cord ( depends on you )

Step 2: Drill the Bottom Hole

Put the cap on the pvc, then drill a hole threw the side of the cap

Step 3: Drill the Top Hole

Drill a hole 1 in from the top directly above the previous hole

Step 4: Fish the Para Cord Threw the Bottom Hole

Step 5: Tie a Double Not on the Cord Coming Out the Top and Pull Other End

Step 6: Feed Cord Threw Top Hole and Tie Another Knot

Step 7: Load Your Arrows and Go Shoot

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    7 years ago

    If you want a hip quiver you could make a belt of paracord and add it to that.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    Great job I going to build it but in your title it should say through instead of threw because threw is the past tense of throw and to throw something means to launch it from you.


    Whoa this is mind-blowing. I've been using literally the exact same setup for 3 years now, except when I made it I used some multi-strand insulated electrical wire for the string. The wire finally broke last week so I replaced it with some 550 para cord. Great minds, right?

    This simple design works perfectly and could only be made batter with a more comfortable sling.

    I also stuck a chunk of insulating foam at the bottom of the quiver. This way if I want the arrows to be more secure, I just push them into the foam and they won't fall out even if the quiver is turned upside down.


    You did a really good job of explaining this concisely with pictures. Thanks!