Introduction: Macrame Plant Hanger (Beginner)

This is just a simple little macrame plant hanger I did. It can be done by anyone, like beginners such as me.


To make this plant hanger, you're going to need some macrame cord, scissors, a wooden ring, beads, and a tape measure. The Izze is for me. It does not determine whether or not you will be successful.

Step 1: Step One: Measure the Cord

Measure out a total of six, fifteen feet cords. It's okay if one is a little bit longer, or a little shorter. You can make them at almost any length; I just did them at fifteen feet.

Step 2: Step Two: Cord to Hook

The first thing you do is fold the cord in half, and loop the middle through the wooden ring. As seen in the second picture, you pull it down further, opening it wide enough to grab the cord behind it to pull it through to the front, as demonstrated in the following two pictures. After that, you pull down on the cord so it forms a knot, as seen in the fifth picture. Repeat this until all six are on the wooden ring.

Step 3: Step Three: Square Knots

To do a square knot, you take a section of four pieces of cord. There's the left, middle left, middle right, and the right piece. As shown in the first picture, you take the left piece and form a four with it, folding it over the other three pieces. Then, you take the right piece, and bring it in front of the folded left piece. With that same piece, you take the bottom end, as seen in the third picture, and loop it behind the other two pieces to the looped cord. Take your hand and grab that right piece and pull it through the loop. Then you tighten it, holding the middle two pieces as you pull the outer pieces to form the knot. That's the first half of the square knot.

Step 4: Step Four: Reverse Square Knot

I call this the Reverse Square Knot because it helps me remember the next steps. You're essentially doing everything backwards. This time, take the right piece of the same four pieces from before and form a backwards four over the other three pieces. Then, as shown in the second picture, take the left piece and bring it in front of the right piece folded over the middle two pieces. Loop the left cord behind the other pieces in this section, and pull it through the loop made with the right piece. Hold the middle two cords in place while you pull the outer cords to form the second half of the square knot. Repeat steps three and four on the next two sections of four to make three square knots, as shown in the final picture.

Step 5: Step Five: Forming the Diamond

I know. It doesn't exactly look like a diamond. But up close it sure does. The first step is to take the outer two left cords, and leave them out of the next couple steps. They'll be back though. Take the next four cords, as shown in picture two, and form a square knot, as I explained in the third and fourth steps. Make another square knot with the next four pieces, leaving out the two outer right pieces. Then, take the middle four pieces out of all the others, and form a square knot. After that, you should have half of a diamond. What you want to do next is go backwards, keeping in mind that you don't repeat making the center square knot, as shown in picture four. Once you've gone back to the three square knots, like the ones at the very top, repeat the same steps until you have about five diamonds after the triangle at the top.

Step 6: Step Six: the Bead Section

Take your tape measure out and measure a foot from the center square knot at the end of the last diamond you formed. At the one foot mark, take the four outer left pieces and form another square knot. You may need someone to hold their finger there so you know where it is, and so you don't go too high. As shown in the third picture, you want to repeat this with the next two four piece sections until you have three square knots. Then, under knot, make four additional square knots so you have what's in picture number four. You want to take you bead and, if it's big enough for two cords to fit through, string it through the middle two cords in your first section. Under the bead, make five more square knots. Repeat this on the other two sections so you have what is shown in picture seven.

Step 7: Step Seven: More Square Knots

Again, take your tape measure out and measure six inches down from your last square knot. At the six inch place, form another square knot with an additional square knot underneath. It should end up like the second image. Do this on your other two sections.

Step 8: Step Eight: Even More Knots

Measure another six inches down from your last square knot, and hold it, or have someone else hold it for you. Take the outer two pieces from one square knot, then the two pieces of cord from the neighboring knot closest to it. Form two square knots at the six inch mark. This is where your plant will be held. Repeat this so you have three square knots that are between the three square knots above it when spread apart.

Step 9: Step Nine: the Gathering Knot

Hold all of your cords together and measure another six inches down. Do not form a square knot. Instead, take a separate pieceof smaller cord and form small a loop, as shown in the second picture. Put where the two pieces are being held together at the six inch mark.Then wrap the rest of your single piece of cord neatly around your other, much longer pieces until the loop you made is smaller. You want some left free at the top. Take what's left of the cord you wrapped around the others with and put it through the middle of the loop. After this, take what's left at the top and pull it. The loop at the bottom will go underneath the cord that's been wrapped around the other bunch of cords. Cut the excess cord hanging from the top and bottom off. Your gathering knot is able to be moved up and down to give you more or less room above it. Trim off some of the extra cord below your gathering knot, leaving some hanging below it. Don't cut everything below the square knot off.

Step 10: Step Ten: Finished Product

Your plant hanger is done. All that's left to do know is put a plant inside of your plant hanger. It can be either outside, or inside. That's it. You're done. Go have an Izze or something. You did great.