Introduction: Mad King Thorn Says...

I love Halloween as it is a time to cut loose and let the imagination run wild! So once again I decided to dig deep and research into the 'original' aspects that make Halloween what it is today.

Nowadays with the onset of Hollywood and Music icons being much sought after for Halloween themes, I decided to go back to the age old revered 'Pumpkin' and see what I could come up with...

Prepare for MADNESS!!!


Step 1: Concept Sketching

By sketching out the design, I get a rough grasp on what is possible to make and what isn't. What isn't possible to make I create 'alternative solutions' that still manage to bring out the original concept.

Step 2: Block Work 6 Hours

The more measurements one takes to get the details exact, the more you lose of the 'overall' effect of what you're trying to achieve. Here I simply hot glued some blocks together and started to outline the shape using sharpie markers.

Usually I use two colors, Black for outlining the overall shape and then at a later stage red for fine detailing. By using colors, you gradually get a feel for the piece and the direction its going in.

A fillet knife and a belt sander was used to achieve the initial shaping. (please note all shaping was finished within 6 hours)

Step 3: FINE Detailing

Once the shape was complete, it was time for the king to have his crown!

Initial lighting tests are vital to test certain cut angles. The way that the foam cut can affect how the light is reflected. 

Step 4: PAINT...Glorious PAINT

Latex based paints are your friend when it comes to painting foam. NEVER use spray paint on foam as it will eat away at your creation. You can however use spray paint once the foam has been sealed with a layer of latex based paint.

When painting anything I always use a base layer before any other color goes on. One easy color to use is BLACK.  Later color coats are dry brushed* on lightly to gradually bring out the details.

*dry brushing: take a paint brush, dip into the color of your choice and then wipe excess paint off the brush. Gently run the brush carefully on the painted surface of your creation picking out grooves, lines, indentations.

Step 5: LIGHTS! CAMERA!...

Initially I used LED 'puck' lights one can purchase from Home depot for $6 each, a red filter was later added by RED SHARPIE.


2013 NYC Halloween Parade was a blast, Next year THE MAD KING SHALL RETURN!

Thank you for reading.


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