Introduction: Mad Max Neon

When you're bored at work

Step 1: Lift

Start with stock 1999 dodge neon.
I bought a set cheap coil over sleeves from an online source that shall not be named, trying to lower the car. Not being one to spend lots of money or as little as possible, I opted out of a real coil over suspension. But couldn't bring myself to cut or heat the originals.

The day I put these things on the car I noticed it looked higher and thought maybe I needed to wait till the new springs settled, wrong. Not being all dissatisfied with what was going on I decided to raise the sleeves adjusters to max height.
I liked what I saw.

Step 2: Lights and Other Extras

Sorry for the limited pics, as the car is now someone else's.

Needing to buy new tires for our other (05 Prius) and having good tires and the shit car I did what any other cheapskate would do I swapped the wheels and tires from one car to the next getting lucky both are 5x100 bolt pattern. The Prius's stick tire size was slightly taller then the aftermarket wheels we had one the neon so the beast got higher.

Wanting more I thought donk, hmm. Called another company that I will not name and talked to tech support, realizing there $100 lift kit was really only strut mount spacers I went to work making my own.

Removed the front struts knocked the studs out of the mounts replaced with longer bolts and an inch and half spacer. Then did the rear. Now we were getting somewhere.

Enter the extras.
One morning on the drive to work I was getting mad at the tailgating SOB behind me, thinking it would be awesome if I had something I could throw at them. Wait no I wanted to launch something at them something none lethal, that would convey my message of back the F up.
Squirters, mounted under the rear spoiler hooked to an old washer pump with lines running to a PVC tank holding coolant. Coolant is just watery enough to spray and still oily enough to smear some tailgaters windshield.
So now I have a pissed off late guy who can kind of see me, this wasn't good enough either with all the stories of road rage what if I just make it worse? Ah step two. Smoke screen, I'll just disappear. Thinking how in world would I make smoke and not the way a neon usually does. Transmission fluid though the intake, I had some PVC left over from the squirter tank a quick trip to the hardware store and a new tank was made to hold half a quart of fluid running though transmission cooler hose to another washer pump all mounted under the hood. Flip a switch and bam smoke and lots of it straight from the tail pipe.

I also ordered a set of universal Rally Armor mud flaps from tire rack, some cheap off road lights from autozone, and a CB radio to complete the look.
Being bored one day again I saw an Atv wench that would look pretty sweet on the beast. So I bought and installed it.

Step 3: Zing Laser

Please pick me. If this is what I can do with an old car and the hardware store just think of the possibilities. I know I am.

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