Introduction: Mad Scientist Lab Gear: Lab Screen Mounting

Ever found a need for a computer in your shop? Have an old LCD/other mountable monitor laying around?
Then this is the hack for you!

We got a bigger monitor for my dad as a Christmas gift and his old monitor got freed up, no one else wanted to use it, so I took it to use as the head to my lab computer

Step 1: Disclaimer (why? Because People Can Be Idiots)

Standard procedure disclaimer here:

This includes:
-if you break your screen, you
-you injure yourself/others
-the cops or Homeland Sec. claim you're up to no good(not likely, but possible)
-you kill yourself/others (sad, but also could happen)
-I'm not paying your hospital/funeral bills

-however, if you stab yourself with a nail(not even called for here) with serious harm inflicted, I will personally bear no responsibility for your actions.

Step 2: Needed Stuff

Mountable monitor (duh)
Convienient place to mount it (also duh)
Mounting hardware (machine screws, nuts, washers, etc)
Plywood brace board
Measuring devices
Drill bits/drivers/etc.
Screen holding friend
And patience, lots of it.

Step 3: Prepare the Screen

First you need to take all the "free-standing" hardware off of it. Its not too hard, on mine there were two little plastic covers covering screws that held the main support that let the monitor stand and tilt when on a desk.
Now its ready for mounting.

Step 4: So, Where Is This Thing Going?

Now you must find a suitable place to mount it (unless you already know where its going.
Make sure all obstructions are out of the way and that your screen will fit there.

Step 5: Measuring Time!

Measure the distance between the holes and measure between the holes and the edges of the screen. Now trace where you want the screen to go, measure in from the sides and top/bottom to where your refrence hole will be. Remember, you should be marking all of this down. You should also be marking where to cut/drill for your video in and power cables.

Step 6: Its Cutting Time.

Now you should cut and drill out where your screw holes will be, where the video cable, and power cord will go.

Step 7: Mounting

Now is where you need patience and the friend you brought along. Take your hardware behind where you're mounting it, and get your friend to hold the screen where you need it. once you get one screw in, it wont be too difficult, and after two, if you measured and drilled properly, you can finish it fast.

Step 8: Relax and Admire

That's it, you're done. Now sit back and take a break and admire your fine homebrew work.