Introduction: Mad Scientist Shrink Ray

About: I'm a mad scientist that's not so much bent on world domination, but just to get rid of those pesky skateboarder kids down the street who can't seem to figure out that when a car comes...GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! …
What mad scientist's laboratory is complete without a Shrink Ray? Answer: None. So whether you just need to make all of your worldly possessions fit inside a matchbox, or bring your enemies down to size, you need a Shrink Ray.
So you've searched all the pawn shops and flea markets in the area and you just can't seem to find one; seems like its up to you to build one for yourself. Luckily, you found this Instructable to show you just how to build one. To start, here's a list of materials you'll need: Adjustable Lamp, Vaccuum Cleaner Motor (or other similar motor), Assortment of Springs(optional), Cambell's Soup Can, And anything that you think would be cool(it is your Shrink Ray, so get creative). Now, the materials list seems kinda short, but that's because you have to figure out what you want on your Shrink Ray; however, I will tell ya'll what I used as we go.

Step 1: Prepare Your Lamp

Part One: Take the lamp completely apart(or at least mostly). Since it's an adjustable lamp there should be some sort of weight in the base; your'e gonna want to keep this because it's the only thing that's gonna keep your Shrink Ray from flipping over and completely destroying all your hard work. Obviously, it's important. Part Two: Reassemble the lamp, but leave out the insides(this includes the power cord, we dont want anyone trying to actually plug this thing in!). Sorry, no pictures... I made this after I built the Ray, but you can figure it out can't you?

Step 2: Assemble the "Business End"

Here's where ya'll get creative. You don't have to use the parts I used, but that's what I built it out of; therefore, that's what I'm going to talk about. Part One: You absolutely HAVE to build this part first. DO NOT try to build your Ray directly on the lamp. Failure is inevitable due to the unstable nature of the lamp. Take your Vaccuum Cleaner Motor or whatever you chose and attatch the "Concentrator"(that dish shaped piece on ray guns towards the end)to it. The Concentrator should be the transition between the motor and the "barrel" of the Ray assembly. I used hot glue being as that's what I had. If your looking at Instructables you probably own a hot glue gun and it shouldn't be a problem. Part Two: Now assemble the barrel. I used a clear plasic rod I found in a fax machine and the tip of a laser pointer. You can use a metal rod or pipe and a pen tip if you want. Feel free to experiment, since it's hot glue you can always tear it apart and try again(usually). Then, attatch the barrel to the concentrator.

Step 3: Attatch the Ray to the Base

Now you have to use your brain. OMG NOT MY BRAIN! Yes, you will actually have to think. I don't know what kind of lamp you got so I can't really help you out here. My lamp had a reflective plate(which I used as the concentrator) that screwed into the lamp. I put a hole in a soup can and just scewed it on. (the soup can also serves as a transition between the ray and the base, which would be only aestetic on some lamps, and essential on others) Then, I hot glued the motor's fan to the can, thus connecting the ray to the base.

Step 4: Take Over the World!!!

Now you can shrink stuff YAY!! Your lab is one step closer to completion. You mayalso decide to add switches and controls to the base, or just leave it like it is...your choice. Thanks for viewing my instructable (it's my first) and I hope y'all's Shrink Rays turn out nice!