Made Your Own ESC Brusless Motor | STM32f030

Introduction: Made Your Own ESC Brusless Motor | STM32f030

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Have you ever built your own drone? and what would you think if asked to build a drone?

In this article, I will make one of the most important parts of a drone. that part is the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) module. This module functions as a motor speed regulator including the motor used for drones.

The motor I use in this article is a brushless motor. You can see the shape in the picture above. Different from a brushed motor that can be turned on directly using DC voltage, a brushless motor requires an ESC to be turned on and used.

Step 1: Components Needed

Because this ESC module is used to make drones, of course the size and weight of the module must be as small and light as possible. Therefore, 99% of the components used are SMD components.

Here is a list of the components used for this ESC:

IC :

  • 1* STM32F04P6
  • 1* 7805/3v3
  • 1* op-amp komparator
  • 3* driver motor


  • 11* 100n
  • 3* 1u
  • 1* 10u
  • 3* 10n
  • 1* 470n


  • 3* 2k
  • 3* 47k
  • 7* 10k
  • 6* 100R


  • 6* Mosfer IRF

Motor :

  • 1* Motor Brushless

Step 2: Schematics and Layouts

In this article I can only share the full schematic. I only provide layouts in the form of images because this module is still in the development stage.

You can download the schematic in the PDF format below.

Step 3: Prototype

To simplify experimentation. First I made a prototype of this ESC module using a hole PCB. For the components that I mix, some are trough holes and some are SMD.

After this module is confirmed to function properly. The next step is to print the PCB and make a second prototype that is better and closer to the final module.

Step 4: Making PCB

PCB design that I have made. I sent it to Because it is small (3 cm * 2.5 cm), I asked PCBWay to make a panelize. and the results you can see in the image above.

why did I choose PCBway, because By making PCB on PCBway you can get High Quality 10 PCs PCBs for only $ 5 & new member First order Free: .

The results are good and in accordance with the design I sent. The materials used are of good quality so they are not easily damaged. To make a PCB on PCBWay, You can visit website and upload your PCB file there.

Step 5: Assembly Step

Because all the components and PCB are ready, it's time to assemble all the materials and make it an ESC module.

For the finished result of this module can be seen in the image above

Step 6: Source Code

Software :

  • keil uVision5 (write program)
  • ST-Link Utility (Flash IC STM32f030)

As I said earlier, this module is still in the experimental stage. So the sourcode cannot be published yet. Sometime after the module has finished experimenting, the sours code will likely be shared.

But not to worry, I will split the ".hex" file from this module. and you can download it below

Step 7: Result

For the results of testing this module, you can see it in the video above at the last minute.

Thank you for reading this article, hope it is useful and see you in the next article

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