Introduction: Magic Bunny Crochet Costume

Unleash your mysterious magic powers this Halloween, with a costume for crochet wizards (and witches)!

This is a quick crochet project (with some assembly required) for intermediate-level crafters.

US crochet terminology is used throughout this Instructable.


mr: magic ring

sc: single crochet

slst: slip stitch

hdc: hald double crochet

dc: double crochet


- Fluffy white yarn (Used here: Sirdar Snuggly Chunky, 2 skeins)

- Chunky Black yarn (Used here: Women's Institute Chunky, 2 skeins)

- Scraps of red yarn

- Pink felt

- 6mm crochet hook

- Metal hoop (Use wreath hoop), to fit around the wearer's head (can be bigger)

- Metal wire

- A pair of white gloves

- A magic wand

- Toy stuffing

- Some sparkly fabric, weighty enough to be modelled (tulle would be ideal)

Step 1: An Upside Down Hat 🎩

Our first step is to make the hat out of which our magic bunny will appear. This item will sit around the wearer's head, with the rim around the forehead and the bottom of the hat around the neck.

The hat

With chunky black yarn, start by covering the outer circle of the frame with sc all the way around. slst to the first stitch.

Turn your stitches around the frame so that the top of the stitches face the inside of the hoop.

Next, dc in each sc around, decreasing every 5 stitches. To finish the rim, sc in each dc, catching the inner circle of the frame, and decreasing every 10 stitches.

To start the hat's body, sc in the back loop of each stitch in the previous round. Before going further, put the wreath around your head, with the start of the round on the left-hand side of your face, and put a stitch marker on the right-hand side of your face, this will mark the edge of the window left open for eyes.

ch2, turn, dc in each stitch around until you reach the stitch marker. ch1, turn, sc in each stitch around until you reach the beginning of the previous round. Repeat those two rows until the hat's body hangs below your eyeline. Then, at the end of the following sc round, chain as many stitches as skipped and join to the start. Turn and dc in the chains, as well as all the way around. Carry on alternating rows of sc and dc, until the hat hangs below your chin.

Then, dc in the back loop only of your last round, and repeat a few rounds of dc, ensuring the opening fits around your head. Leave enough gap to be comfortable.

The eye mask

With red yarn, ch11. Turn, hdc across (10 hdc). Repeat for 10 rows.

3hdc for 7 rows. slst on the inside of the eye opening back to the last 10 hdc row worked. 1 decrease, then 3hdc for 7 rows. inc, hdc, inc, inc, hdc inc (10 hdc). work 4 rows of 10hdc before repeating the second eye opening.

Finish by working rows of 10 hdc until the band reaches all the way around the hat.

Sew the mask on top of the hat's eye gap.

Step 2: The Bunny Cap 🐰

The bunny is worked with chunky white yarn, pink felt and metal wire.

The cap

Start with 6dc in magic ring. Ch2 (does not count as stitch), and increase each round by 6 dc.

For example, R2: [inc, 1dc] * 6 (12 dc), R3: [inc, 2dc] * 6 (18 dc), R4: [inc, 3dc] * 6 (24 dc), and so on until you reach 66dc. Repeat the last round of 66dc until the cap, sitting flat on your head, covers you eyebrows.

The ears

Make 2.

Ch7, turn, hdc in 6 ch across. Ch1, turn, 6hdc. Repeat until satisfied with the ear length, then work the last 3 rows as follows:

R1: decrease, 2hdc, decrease (4 hdc)

R2: 2 decreases (2 hdc)

R3: 1 decrease (1 hdc)

Cut a length of wire to go around the ear, and sc around the edge and the wire.

Cut out pink felt to make the inside of the ear and sew/glue in place.

Sew the ears on the top of the cap.

The face

For the cheeks, make 2 white circles.

R1: 6hdc in mr

R2: [inc, hdc] * 6 (12 hdc)

R3: [inc, 2hdc] * 6 (18hdc)

R4: [inc, 3hdc] * 6 (24 hdc)

Stretch the circle slightly into an oval and sew on the front of the face. With pink thread, sew a triangular nose between the cheeks.

Make 2 eyes by working 6sc in a magic ring in black yarn. Sew in place.

Step 3: Add Some Magic πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

To add the effect of the bunny being pulled out of the hat, we'll add a pair of gloved hands: 1 around the ears, 1 holding a magic wand.

Using a mirror: wear the bunny cap and one glove. With your glove hand, hold the bunny's ears. Take a picture. Now, stuff the glove and, with white thread, sew in place around the ears, using the picture as a guide.

Similarly, with the magic wand: hold the wand with the other gloved hand and take a picture. If your wand is hollow: put some wire through the wand, and attach the other end to the hat's frame. If not, wrap wire around the ends of the want and cover with black electrical tape, before attaching the the hat.

Stuff the other glove and sew in place on the end of the wand, using your picture as a guide.

Cut pieces of sparkling fabric and thread them together. Sew at the end of the wand, where it touches the hat, to help cover the wires and give a magical effect.

Step 4: Abracadabra! ✨

With leftover fabric, make a "table cloth" cape to wear.

Put the hat around your neck, then put the bunny cap on and hoist the hat in place. You might need some fastening or extra padding to hold everything in place.

Have a magical Halloween! πŸŽƒ

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