Introduction: Magic Cube or Micro-controller Cube

In this Instructables, I will show you how to make a Magic cube from faulty Micro-controller.

this idea is come from when I have take Faulty ATmega2560 micro-controller from Arduino Mega 2560 and make a cube.

About Magic Cube hardware, i have make a simple circuit with mercury switch. mercury switch is ON/OFF at special angle.

Three Use of magic Cube as Anti-Stress Device, Dice and Key-chain are explain following.......

** Anti-Stress Device :- Cubic shape and blinking light to attract the people.

**Dice :- Blinking LED is ON at numbers 6, 5, 1 and Blinking LED is OFF at numbers 4, 3, 2.

**Key-chain:- At Center Corner of 2,3,4 numbers, Light is OFF and At Center Corner of 6,5,1 numbers, Light is ON

NOTE:- I have explained my Instructables with step by step images. if you are not understand my writing.


For this Project you will need.........

1. Atmega128A Micro-controller (6 faulty Pieces)

2. Red/Blue blink LED ( 1 Piece)

3. 3mm Mercury Switch ( 1 Piece)

4. Button cell

5. Stainless Steel Wire 22 Gauge

6.General PCB {standard PCB thicknesses 0.062in (1.57mm)}

Instrument require to made it.........

1. Soldering Iron

2. Soldering wire

3. Soldering paste

4. PCB Cutter or Heavy Scissor

5. Tweezer

6. Double side tape

7. wire cutter

Step 1: Starting the Project

1.0. Project is starting with to join the micro-controller pieces. the cube will made with 6 micro-controllers.

1.1. takes two micro-controller and keep both in 90 degree. both are soldered using soldering wire and solder paste.

1.2. For clear soldering, i have use soldering paste and repeat soldering on micro-controllers pins. both micro-controllers pins should be attach with each other and pins should be separate joints.

1.3. then 3rd piece should be solder with same pattern and we get a U shape

1.4. 4th piece of micro-controller also solder with same process.

1.5. same way, 5th piece is also solder . now we get a box which is open from one side.

Note:- I have take Faulty ATmega2560 micro-controller from Arduino Mega 2560 .I have work on electronic project So, I have some collection of faulty and damage micro-controller.

Step 2: Planning and Preparing PCB

2.1. first I have take 6th piece of micro-controller and measure it size. the size of micro-controller is 17mm.

2.2. Take a General PCB and marking on it using marker.

2.3. Now, General PCB is cut by PCB cutter.

2.4. Using filer, General PCB size is accurate by filer process. Size of PCB is become 15mm.

2.5. PCB will be properly fit inside the Micro-controller.The size of PCB is smaller than the size of micro-controller.


Note :- General PCB {standard PCB thicknesses 0.062in (1.57mm)}

Step 3: Circuit Diagram and Connection on PCB

3.1. I have shared the circuit diagram (figure 3.1.0.). it is simple circuit include with three components (red/blue blinking LED , Mercury switch and button cell.

3.2. first, LED is checked by multi-meter and LED is soldering on PCB according to circuit diagram.

3.3. Now, mercury switch is soldered on PCB.

3.4. I have make a button cell holder by using Copper wire 22 Gauge. take a small piece of copper wire and make it round by using nose pliers.Round shape wire is soldered on PCB and one side of cell holder is ready to hold the cell

3.5. take a two wire pieces and round it to size of cell which hold the both cell on PCB by side.

3.6. for another side of cell holder, i have take wire piece and make it in zig-zag shape by help of tweezer. now zig-zag wire is solder on pcb to hold the cell from other side.

3.7. When I complete the circuit by using a wire piece. circuit works and LED glows.So,circuit is completed by soldering the wire.

3.8. Due to mercury switch, these circuit has property to on/off at a special angle.

3.8.1. When circuit is in up side position,then LED is glow .

3.8.2. When circuit is in down side position,then LED is not glow.

Step 4: Final Touch

4.0. Take a double side tape.I have cut the tape into PCB circuit size and sticks it into PCB backside. Remove the tape upper cover.

4.1. I have put the PCB circuit into open box with the help of Tweezer.

4.2. Now, open box is closed by 6th piece of Micro-controller. 6th piece is soldered by same process.

4.3. I have washed the Magic Cube with thinner. I have used brush For removing extra soldering paste.

4.4. Magic Cube is cleaned by dry cloth.

4.5. After that, Now project has completed and Job is Done.

Step 5: Anti Stress Device

Magic cube has cubic shape and blinking light to attract the people.

These device helps to relieve in psychological stress and helping people who have trouble focusing.

Magic Cube has 6 sides and two color (red/blue) light . cube light glows on 3 side and cube light does not glow on another 3 side.

Step 6: Use As Dice

Magic Cube has Square shape. So, i have converted into dice.

6.1. I have taken a sticker paper and cut the dot circles with the help of punch machine.

6.2. dot circles sticks on Magic Cube with the help of tweezer.

6.3. the Magic cube has property to blinking LED at a special angle. cube has 6 sides. led blinks at 3 sides and led does not blink at another 3 sides.

6.4. So, dot circles have stick on special pattern which are following

** LED is ON at numbers 6, 5, 1,

** LED is OFF at numbers 4, 3, 2,

Step 7: Use As Keychain

Hey guys, I have hobby to collect key-chain. So, i have made it key-chain cube.

7.1. take a three pieces of steel wire and twist them with the help of nose plier.

7.2. one side of twist wire has made to Y shape.Cut extra access wire from Y-shape

7.3. Y shape of twist wire is soldered on Cube corner.

7.4. another side of twist wire is bend to make ring shape with the help of tweezer/plier.

7.5. put the key-ring. cut the extra wire and soldering it

7.6. I have selected a corner of 2,3,4 numbers because light is off at this corner.

**Corner of 2,3,4 numbers, Light is OFF

**Corner of 6,5,1 numbers, Light is ON

So, Simply when key-chain is hanging then blinking LED is OFF. When it put on table etc. then it is blinking.

For Future :- I shall make a many project on this cube example improve hardware, battery charging circuit, smart Magic Cube etc.

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