Introduction: Milk Bottle Lamp Using Tape

Hey guys!

In this instructable, I will show you how to create a lamp with a milk bottle and Tapes.

In this project, I have taken a various type of tapes.

There are four type of tape has used in this project.

Doctor tape has used for designing the bottle surface.

Sparkle tape (red and green) has used for decorate the mouth of bottles.

Transparent tape has used to hold the wire of led lights and double side tape has used in base of bottles for strong hold.


For this project you will need:

1. Doctor tape (2 Pieces)

2. Black Marker (1 Pieces) Buy from stationary shop

3. Craft Knife (1 Pieces)

4. Milk bottle (2 Pieces)

5. Acrylic color (Red and Green) and Color Brush Buy from stationary shop

6. Led Light (2 Pieces)

7. Sparkle tape (Red and Green)

8. Transparent Tape (1 Pieces)

9. Double site Tape (1 Pieces)

10. Large and Small Scissors (2 Pieces) There are some things used in this project have easy got in stationary shop. So, I have not provided a link of those things.

Step 1: Starting the Project

Project start from

two doctor tapes and tapes is cut into equally two parts.

-The Width of each tape is 1 inch and divides into two parts.

-I have used marker to mark the tapes from center. Then tape is cut by using craft knife.

Note: - there is also available ½ inch tape in market. But 1 inch tape is easily available as compare to ½ inch tape.

Step 2: Giving the Design to Lamp

I Take the two milk

bottles and clean its surface.

-Now it time to make design pattern using doctor tapes.

-I wrap a tape from bottom of a bottle to mouth of bottle in Right curve shape. Next tape wrap with some space of first tape curve and same design process repeats in whole of bottle surface.

-So that right curve design has completed on surface of bottle. Design is also clear to see the images.

-Then, I wrap a tape from bottom of bottle to mouth of bottle in Left curve shape. Next tape wrap with some space of first tape curve and same design process repeats in whole of bottle surface. We have got the Left Curve Design.

When, both designs have completed on surface of bottle. So, we obtain a boxes pattern in surface of bottles. It clears from images.

Step 3: Coloring the Lamp

After creating boxes

pattern on bottle surfaces. It is time to color the bottle.

-I have taken two acrylic colors (Red and Green) and one paint brush.

-I have color the bottles surface remain its bottom and top.

After, I have colored the both bottles. I have kept both for 4 hours to dry the color.

When, colors have dried. Then, I have again colored the both bottles for thick color coating on surface of bottle and have kept for 4 hours.

Step 4: Removing the Doctor Tape

I have kept the bottles for 8 hours to dry the color. Now, it times to remove a doctor tape from bottles.

I had wrapped doctor tape in Right curve and then Left curve.

So firstly, I remove a tape in left curve and then right curve with slowly. So that acrylic color of bottle does not remove.

Step 5: Put the Lights Inside the Bottle

After removing a doctor tape from both bottles

surface. We get a beautiful pattern on bottles surface.

Now, I am putting the string of lights inside the bottles. Take the end of lights string and put inside the bottle through the mouth. Keep inserting the whole string slowly.

- I have taken another end of string to 2 feet long.

- I have used sparkle tape (red and green) to hold the wire from mouth of bottle. It looks beautiful and I have caped the bottles.

- Now remaining wire is take from mouth to bottom of bottle. I have used transparent tape to hold wire from surface of bottles.

Now last step is remaining.

Step 6: Final Touch and Enjoy the Luminous

For final touch,

- I have used double side tape to base on bottles to save bottles from fall down.

-I have tested the both bottles and I have fitted on my table.

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