Introduction: Magic Frame

This is a rework of the famous "Slow Dance" frame:

Step 1: Components

In my frame I used the following components:

  • 3D printed mount for electromagnet neodymium magnet and flower
  • 3D printed box for electrornic components
  • Photo frame (A4)
  • Electromagnet: D20mm * H15mm, 2.5kg (5.5LB), 12VDC
  • Neodymium magnet: 10x5 (diameter: 10mm, width: 5mm)
  • Wemos D1 mini
  • L9110S H-bridge motor driver (with heat sinks)
  • 5V step down voltage regulator
  • M3 bolt (15mm length) with nut for electromagnet tightening
  • 12V LED strip
  • 12V power supply

Step 2: Frame Assembly

3D print the mount for magnets and assembly it according to the picture, then attach it to photo frame using double stick tape or two screws.

The distance between electromagnet and neodymium magnet should be about 5mm.

Then glue the LED to the photo frame.

Step 3: Electronics

3D print the box for electronics.

The electronics components are soldering according to the provided scheme without PCB. After soldering isolate them and put into 3D printed box.

Don't forget to add heat sinks and isolate everything with electric isolation tape (check the picture)!

Step 4: Code


Upload the provided sketch to the Wemos D1 using Arduino IDE, attach the power supply and enjoy with the magic.

NB! Don't run it for a long period of time since the electromagnet become very hot after 3 minutes. Also the frame is using the strobing light so be caution in case of epileptic disease.