Introduction: Animatronic Eyes With Remote Control

This is an instruction how to create Animatronic Eyes that can be remotely controlled from computer over WiFi. It uses minimum electronic components, no PCB, and requires minimum soldering.

You can control it from PC keyboard, so you don't need an extra device like joystick.

Step 1: Demo Clip

Here the example how the eyes can move in sync with music (eyes were controlled from PC keyboard).

Step 2: Electronic Components

  • PCA9685 (16 Channel)
  • ESP8266 (WeMos D1 Mini)
  • 8x 3.7g servos
  • DC-DC 5V 3A Step-down converter (optional)
  • 7.2V LiPo battery (optional)

Step 3: Electronic Components

1. Solder ESP8266 with PCA9685 according to schema.

2. Attach servo connectors to PCA9685:

  • 0,1,2,3 - for left eye
  • 4,5,6,7 - for right eye

3. Attach 5V power supply (power bank) or LiPo batter using the step-down (7.2V -> 5V) converter.

Step 4: Animatronic Eyes

Use the following link to download STL files and then print them on 3D printer:

Assembly the eyes.

You can also use instructions from this similar project:

Step 5: Source Code