Introduction: Magic Money Puzzle Gift Box

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This a very cool box that you can give to someone for a special occasion with money in it. It's fun to watch them try opening it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1 .table saw or band saw

2. wood of choice

3. router

3. drill & drill bit set

4. clear plastic for the top

5. 3/8" dovetail router bit

6. planer or sander

7. nail

8. 5/16" dowel

9. glue

10. stain of choice (optional)

And that's about it. So let's get started.

Step 2: Cutting and Planning Materials

First we are going to cut out the base, sides, front sliding piece, and plastic for the cover. Remember to always cut the pieces a little bigger so you still have wood to sand.

The measurements for the base, sides, front sliding piece, and plastic for the cover:

W = width, T = thickness/ height, L =length

Base: W = 3 1/8", T = 3/4", L = 6 1/2"

Sides: W = 1 1/8", T = 1/4", L = 6 1/2"

Back Side: W = 1 1/8", T = 1/4", L = 3 5/8"

Front Sliding Piece: W = 3/4", T = 1 1/8", L = 3 5/8"

Clear Plastic: W = 3 3/8", T = 1/8:, L = 6 3/4"

Step 3: Cutting Grooves for Plastic to Slide In

Now we cut grooves in the sides and the front pieces. Make sure not to cut a groove in the back piece. You want to cut the grooves half way through the wood and wide enough for the plastic to slide in. Make a mark on the sides that is about an 1/16" above the base before you cut it so you can put money in it.

Step 4: Routing a Dovetail

Make a dovetail with a 3/8" router bit on the front sliding piece towards the middle make sure it is not to close to the grove that was cut for the plastic to slide into. Then you want to make a dovetail the opposite of the one you just did so it slides freely in the front piece.

Step 5: Glue Dovetail to Base

Glue the dovetail piece that slides into the front sliding piece to the base.

Step 6: Making the Hidden Lock

Cut the dowel 3/8" long and drill a hole in the dowel that is big enough so that the nail can slide through easily. Then drill a hole in the base 1/2" down with a 5/16" drill bit for the dowel to fit in. Seat the nail fully to bottom of hole in the base and cut the nail off flush with face of dowel . It needs to be even with the the top of the dowel so when you tip it over the nail sticks out. Glue dowel in.

Step 7: Drill Hole in Front Sliding Piece

Now drill a hole in the front sliding piece that matches up with the nail.

Step 8: Assembling

Now slide the front cover on and do some sanding to make sure all the edges are nice and even. If the plastic cover does not slide well trim a little bit of with the table saw or sander.

Step 9: Finishing

To finish the box I put two coats of stain and one coat of clear semi-gloss.

Step 10: Opening and Locking

Follow what the video says to open it. To lock it do everything in the video backwards.

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