Introduction: Magic Wand TV

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Magic wand to change television channels instead of buttons, with hand movements.

Step 1: Necessary


- Old TV remote control.

-Arduino nano.

-Arduino nano / ono.


- Mobile charger of 2200mla (cheap).

-11.5x11.5 button.

-There is 5mm of metal.

- IR sensor 1838.



-Resistance 10K.

- 3D printer (or, failing that, someone prints us the pieces in ABS).

-usb cable.

Step 2:

Go to the store and buy the most versatile portable phone charger we see. They usually have a 18650 battery with a 5v adapter. We do it for two reasons. For the power to recharge with any phone charger and because the plate of this, already has the charge limit function to stop charging the sin and jumping burning the wand.

Remove external telephone charger and cut cables from the battery to the electrical board to avoid short circuits.Once done, cut the mini usb cable with a distance of about 8 fingers. Trim part of the distance from the back of the mini usb so that it is smaller and can get better in the wand.Weld the ends of the cable to the back of the usb of the charger board. It is important to do well because here we will give energy to the Arduino and connect the computer to practice the movements.

Step 3: Mount the Battery

The battery plate is disassembled for a better understanding.

It only has one position and the top of the plate in the tube, must be glued. The battery goes very tight into the tube. And to help you use the taon of a marker by pressing the set to the table ......

Step 4: Arduino Wiring

Now to weld.

The first thing we will do is remove the reset button on the Arduinno Nano board. It can give us many problems. We cut or dismantle it. Although the button disappears does not give problems, at least in my plates.

In the third image, we see a resistance of 10K. Be sure to isolate it for possible contacts. Also have to solder the wires looking into the plate, it is important not to disturb when it is mounted in the tube. They should also be well shaved under the plate.

The GND comes out three cables, but since they can not fit, I have soldered first 1 and then I have spliced them. The GND cables will be one short (MPU6050), one medium (botton) and one long (led IR).

Position of cables:

- Arduino D2 to int MPU6050.

-Arduino GND to MPU(short), botton(medium) and led(long).

-Arduino D7 to V5(resistencie 10k in Arduino) and botton(medium).

-Arduino D13 to led.

-Arduino V3.3 to VCC MPU6050

-Arduino A4 to SDA MPU6050

-Arduino A5 to SCL MPU6050

Step 5: Mount Medium Pipe

In Spain it is said "dress me slowly that I am in a hurry". Do not do this in a hurry because if you do not break your eyelashes.

The arduino plate goes in the inner notches and the Mpu in the smallest subjection. The top of the mpu DOES NOT MISS. Insert the plate with the button already welded with a length of three fingers for the pin D7 and 5 for the pin GND.

It is necessary to fit the halves taking into account that it is necessary to go putting the stop of the button so that it does not move. The hole of the button has to remain in the bottom since in that zone there is but hollow so to be able to connect the battery with The Arduino.

We can already start to do real tests in case we have done something wrong. Remember that it works at 115200 balaudios.

Step 6: Mount the Tip

This part does not have much mystery. Pass a 5.7mm tube through the top. Once done, we reinforced the outside of plastic with cyanoacrylate or acetone by the stresses that the tip supports.

Finally, we welded an IR led that we removed from the store or a remote control from an old TV or unknown source. We try to make the cable we have left a bit fair and we put it in the tube to make it look nice.

Step 7: The Program

If you do not know how to program, go to the next step.
The program is based on human imperfection and mechanics. When someone makes a move like a circle, NOOOO, the machine is more likely to tell you that that is an obalo. To solve this problem you have to go in the basin areas rather than the floodplains. In addition, we will have to practice a lot so that the body memorizes the movements of an unconscious foirma. To think that maguia can be mastered without any effort is muggle.



0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 1 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

==============1 ==============














This program is Beta1, on the 30th will beta beta2 with important corrections to avoid human failure.
Of course, in order for the file to be loaded, several MPU6050 libraries will be required. Search and add them. Remember that if you leave the map the values will go a little crazy. I have not been able to solve that problem, which is linked to the processing power of the arduino itself.

The functions with the keys are located at the bottom of the magicWnad_XX.ino sketch.
I attached a sketch decoder keys.

Step 8: Movements

There are still some keys left, but we will have to wait a bit for beta2

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