Introduction: Magic Water Tap

Hi All,

How is the Tap floating in air ? or Where is the water coming from ?

These are the two question that come when you see a magic tap fountain for the first time. Of course there is no magic but science behind this. This is a good project to trigger curiosity with kids.

This is a very special project for me, I have being trying to make the magic tap for 3 years now and I finally feel good that I finally did It !!

This is good project to do at home with items easily available at home or the nearest hardware store. No power or special tools needed, We will use some alchemy to convert PVC into metal... that can be performed by beginners

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Glass Marbles
  • 3V DC water pump
  • 5V power adapter( I used old mobile charger)
  • PVC Tap
  • Clear / transparent ball pen
  • Super glue
  • 1 paper clip
  • Soldering Iron
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Black and bronze acrylic colors
  • Paint brush
  • Sponge

Step 2: Science Behind It

  • There is a submersible water pump which pushes water through a transparent / clear pipe
  • The water comes out from the gap between the tap and the pipe and flows over the pipe as guide
  • Since the pipe is transparent, it is not visible
  • The pipe has two purpose
    • Hold the tap in position
    • Water flow inside and outside

Step 3: The Key Element : the Pen

The key element for this project is finding the right ball pen.

  • The outer diameter of the pen is same as the pump
  • We will use the rubber tube ( This rubber tube is for grip on the pen ) and the cap to make the joint
  • The right length for the pipe

Step 4: Prepare

  • Pump and Pipe joint
    • First joint them using the rubber tube
    • Then cover it pen cap., this provides strength to bear weight of the tap
  • Tap and Pipe
    • To hold the pipe inside the tap and still have some gap for the water, we cannot just hot glue the pipe
    • I took 4 pieces 1.5cm of skewer and super glued them on the end of the pipe as shown

Step 5: Alchemy

We need to transform our PVC tap into metal and for that we will use some alchemy or some harry potter magic

  • Paint the tap with black acrylic paint as base
  • Using sponge do a texture paint with bronze acrylic color

Step 6: The Tank

  • Pass the pump wires, hot glue the hole to make water proof
  • Hot glue the pump into position, such that the pipe is in the center
  • Test for water leaks by fill water in the tank, leave it for a hour
  • If there are any leaks, fix them

Step 7: Assemble

  • Remove extra water from the tank, Add marbles and stones
  • Fix the tap on the pipe
  • Use old Mobile charger as power supply
  • Test it, at first the water flow is in 4 streams, use fingers to combine them at the tip of the tap

Step 8: Admire

After so much of work, place the fountain in your home. and Admire the beauty
Tips :
  • Use filter water, to reduce calcium and dirty deposits in the pipe / tank
  • Use food color not painting / acrylic paint to add color to the water
Thanks for reading
Please share if you have any comments and suggestions