Introduction: Magnetic Car

This is a simple, mini car that can be made easily with household items. It can be a fun, easy project and can teach a lot about how things work with the magnetic properties displayed. All you need is a few magnets, aluminum foil, and a AA battery. This displays a simple property that can be used in many more complex mechanisms.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1 Round base magnet (1.21 in. diameter x .18 in, thick)

2 Round base magnets (1.425 in. diameter x .283 in. thick)

1 AA Battery

Aluminum foil

Step 2: Place Small Magnet

First, we place the smaller magnet on the battery. Be sure to place this on the positive side of the battery, as it will the larger magnet better contact with the battery. The 1.425 inch diameter magnet will be placed on top of this one.

Step 3: Place Large Magnets

In this step, you will place one large magnet on each side of the battery. Place one on the smaller magnet (on the positive side) and one on the negative end of the battery. These will serve as the "wheels" of the battery.

Step 4: Aluminum Foil

Place the aluminum foil down on a flat surface. For the best result, use at least two square feet of foil (to give the car some room to drive).

Step 5: Watch It Go!

Place the car on the aluminum foil. The car should propel itself! With the two large magnets, the car will move in a straight line. If you would like it to move in a circle, do not place the large magnet on the positive side. Just leave the small magnet by itself. Finally, watch your car fly!