Introduction: Magnetic Coffee Mug Coaster

Have your coaster stay with your mug using magnets!

Things needed:

  1. Coaster
  2. Mug
  3. Magnets, thin
  4. Glue, suitable to coaster and mug

Step 1: Attach Magnets to Coaster and Mug

I found an inexpensive coaster at eBay. This one was made of silicone, so I attached a round neodymium magnet (1mm x 10mm) using a tiny drop of silicone caulk. I attached a similar magnet to the bottom of my favourite coffee mug the same way. Use the outside surface of the mug.

Mind the magnet polarity!

I did a small stress test (google video) and the coaster seemed to stay in place quite nicely.

The magnets are so thin that they do not affect the normal placing of the mug to a table. Silicone caulk is also safe and both the coaster and the mug can be placed in dishwasher. If needed, the caulk and the magnets can be peeled off with fingernails using moderate force.

Step 2: Storage

When not in use the magnetized coaster can now be stored like every other small magnetized item - on the fridge door!