Introduction: Magnetic Cork Board Tack

We all know about those annoying holes tacks leave in our pictures after pinning them onto a wall or a cork board. I have decided to make a tack that can be inserted into a wall/board that creates the illusion of pinning a picture down but avoids leaving holes at the same time. This invention is called a Magnetic Cork Board Tack.

With the Magnetic Cork Board Tack, you will be able to hold papers on a wall/board without leaving a hole in the paper/picture. Although a hole is still left in the wall, you can remove the picture with ease and use it elsewhere without having to worry about the imperfection of having a hole.

Let's get creating!

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

The materials you will need to replicate this invention are:

  • A regular cork board tack
  • An X-Acto knife, snap-blade knife, or any other sharp knife
  • A lighter
  • Something to write with (pen, pencil, marker, etc)
  • Scissors
  • A magnetic strip or two small magnets that have the same diameter as your tack
  • Epoxy, Hot Glue, or any other strong glue that will hold on plastic
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Step 2: Find an Open Work Space

Don't work in an area with electronics or flammable items. Because you will be using a lighter, working in an open space will provide you with the safest environment. You also want to work in a space that is easy to clean up, because you will have shavings from the magnet and pin after completion.

Step 3: Heat Your Blade

To start recreating this invention, you want to start with heating your blade. This will allow you to cut easily through the plastic. The heat will cause the plastic to melt at the area you're cutting, allowing you to slide your knife easily through the tack, creating the cleanest possible cut.

**Have an adult help you with the fire

Step 4: Slice the Tack

Slice through the tack at the area indicated in the picture above. If the cut is too close to the metal pin, your knife may not go all the way through due to the length of the metal pin. Heat your blade every once in a while to slide through faster.

Don't worry about having imperfections, because you will be sanding it down later.

Step 5: Sand Cut


If unsatisfied with the cut you've made, sand the edge down with sandpaper to create a more even surface. This will also get rid of any burn marks you've created with the hot blade. Only sand in one direction to get the best possible results.

Make sure you place a piece of newspaper or paper underneath while sanding to avoid getting shavings all over your work space.

Step 6: Cut Out Circles of Magnet

Place the two pieces of the tack onto your strip of magnet and draw an outline of what you need to cut. Then use scissors to cut out the circle, trimming down the edges wherever needed to match the size of the tack.

Repeat this 2x, once for each piece of the tack.

Step 7: Glue the Tack to the Magnet

Now with your magnets perfectly sized to match the tack, place a drop of super glue onto each of the cuts, making sure to avoid touching the glue with your hand. Use a metal object to pick up the magnetic side of your magnet circle, placing it onto the glue, with the magnetic side facing up. Check the label on the side of your glue to see how long you need to wait for it to dry.

Step 8: Try It Out!

Place a picture or piece of paper in between the two edges and insert the tack into a wall or cork board to try out your creation. Enjoy the illusion of pinning an object down while also having a crisp paper/picture that has no holes in it!

Step 9: Enjoy!

Now you have a Magnetic Cork Board Tack that will prevent your paper or image from having a hole, all while enjoying it being pinned onto a board or wall!

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