Magnetic Dremel Bit Holder

Introduction: Magnetic Dremel Bit Holder

You just finished dissecting an old microwave oven that you had lying around, congratulations!!!

Wondering what to do with all the salvaged pieces?

Why not make a magnetic Dremel bit holder for all those bits that you have lying around?

I'll show you how in 4 easy steps.


Round disk magnet salvaged from old microwave oven

Hot glue gun

Small piece of hard foam

Utility knife

Step 1: The Magnet

Take the magnet and place it on a solid and firm surface

Step 2: The Foam

Take the piece of foam and make holes and/or slots with utility knife

Step 3: The Glueing

With the hot gun put glue on the magnet then join the foam and the magnet

Step 4: Put Your Bits in the Magnetic Dremel Bit Holder

Put your bits in the holes and slots and enjoy!!!

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