Introduction: Decorative Underwater Aquarium LED Light

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a real cool and decorative underwater aquarium light from LED arrays.


LED array, I took one from an old broken flash light

Epoxy glue (Clear) about 200 grams, it depends on the size of the lamp you want to make

5-12 volt power supply

Utility knife

Cardboard mold

Heavy duty adhesive tape

Long dual cord electric wire

Dremel or sand paper

Hot glue gun

Step 1: Connect Long Electric Cable to the LED Array

Identify the positive and ground connections on the array and connect the wire, secure with adhesive tape.

Make sure that the array has a resistor connected in series to the power supply, mine didn't have a resistor and I blew the LEDS.

Step 2: Secure the Wire to Board With Hot Glue Gun

Step 3: Make Cardboard Mold

Cut the cardboard and shape it around the LED array and secure it with adhesive tape

Step 4: Fill the Mold With Epoxy

Mix the epoxy and fill the mold so the array is completely covered with epoxy, I do this in 2 stages first the top and after it hardens I flip the mold over and do the other side.

Don't use all the epoxy, leave some epoxy to make corrections and final finish.

Step 5: Removing From Mold and Sanding and Final Coating

With sand paper or dremel sanding bit remove all cardboard from the hardened epoxy.

You will probably have holes and cracks in the chunk of epoxy.

Use the leftover epoxy to completely cover the chunk so there are no holes or cracks.

After it hardens sand it down again so it is smooth with dremel or sand paper.

Step 6: Connect to Power Supply and Enjoy

Now connect the wire to your power supply and your decorative underwater aquarium LED light is ready.

Epoxy is less dense than water so it will float when you put it in the water, I glued a rock to the bottom of the light.

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