Introduction: Magnetic Handsaw Guide - Adjustable and 3D Printed

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A 3D printed magnetic saw guide – which I designed in fusion 360, and printed on my heavily calibrated Prusa Mini. The design is based on the Nobex 505 Magnetic Saw Guide – which isn’t a particularly pricey bit of kit, so before you ask why I made one myself I’ll answer – maybe I don’t just want one.

The 3D printed parts cost about £2.60 in material, although they are made from standard PLA, and a more durable material would cost a little more. In total, factoring electricity and the remaining parts the cost is under £10 which is a massive saving of £21 compared to the shop board version, and as long as I don’t factor my own hourly rate in the equation.

The STL files and a PDF of parts is available in the next part.


Parts List Provided in PDF document.

Step 1: Parts List

Step 2: STL Files

Note if you are using a pull saw you may want to use the jig with the lip on the outside of the material. And for left hand cutting, you can mirror the three main parts of the jig in the slicer-software.

Step 3: Images