Introduction: Magnetic Helping Hands Set for PCB and Electronics

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This type of magnetic helping(third) hand is extremely versatile and easily upgradable. It's really easy to add new clamps, posts, magnifying glass, led lamp or anything you need to it. My build contains only essentials, as i already have lighting, fume extractor and magnifyng glass.

This build is in two parts. Firstly e’ll build easiest set with functionality in mind, later on I'll modify it to match my other tools style using oak, some paint etc.

Step 1: Main Components

Electrical Crocodile Clamps - aliexpress
Brass standoff spacers - aliexpress
10x6 mm Circular Disc Neodymium Magnets - aliexpress
10x10x4 mm hole Neodymium Magnets - got mine from aliexpress fot 27 cents per magnet
Flat Head Knurled Thumb Screws - aliexpress

List of components from local hardware shop:
M10 cap nuts
m3 bolts
m3 washers
m4 nuts and bolts
10x16cm steel bracket
solid core wire

Step 2: "Type A" - PCB Holder

Simple, but very useful PCB holder. Just screw together next components:
M3 bolt + Magnet + Spacer + Washer + Thumb Screw = 1 holder :)

It's good to have 4 of them to hold any PCB steady.

Step 3: "Type B" - Holder for BCB's With Mounting Holes

Another useful holder is just sharpened M3 bolt screwed to the magnet. M4 is good choice because most of the pcb's have hole smaller than that.

Step 4:

As an upgrade you can add extra sleeve or tube to the bottom of the screw. I used some random tube i found in my junk box, it can be old pen, straw or anything. Just cut to length and glue to the bolt. Quick and easy to mount PCB for soldering, not as stable as type a, but stable enough.

Step 5: Helping Hands

Drill couple of holes into the cap nuts for the wire.

Step 6:

Loop wire through holes and twist it to shape.

Step 7:

Attach electrical crocodile clamps to the other end of the wire.

Step 8:

Quick sanding before the gluing will help the glue to adhere. Glue the magnet into a nut. (in my case i had to drill hole a little bit larger for the magnet to fit).

Step 9: Optional

Add heatshrink tube to alligator clips to make it softer. I added heatshrink to the wire as well to make it look sleeker.

Step 10: Helping Hand Set Is Complete!

Step 11: Optional

You can always make your tools look nice. Here is example how with some more work it matches my power supply design much better.