Introduction: Magnetic Illusionist Pendant

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hello everyone this is my first instructable... If you like it vote for me in the woodworking contest...I have always admired woodwork and being a movie buff the illusionist pendant caught my eye. Ive tried many times to replicate it but .. I dont have these type of tools to work and frankly to say i work with basic cutters and sandpaper... With magnets  ive been able to make my version of the pendant and would like to share it to all who would appreciate  it.....


Step 1: Items Required

Small wood piece (Ive used a rose wood)
Small magnets
Super glue
Sand paper
Iron bit

Step 2: Step 1

Take the wood piece and draw a oval shape on it. Then cut it to the shape required.

Step 3: Step 2

After cutting the wood to the required shape draw a line as shown in the figure and make sure when cut the halves are equal. Then drill holes into each of the halves .. not too deep but to the length of the iron bit so it fits comfortably.

Step 4: Step 3

Now after drilling holes for the iron bit make small holes for the magnets and do check it too fits properly..and check the polarity of the magnets so when rotated the magnets dont deflect..

Step 5: Step 4

Fix the iron bit to one half and the four magnets to the respective spaces wit a super glue .. then drill a hole without the iron bit to attach a chain or rope....

Step 6: Step 5

After fixing all check your own new pendant which can be rotated(manually) into a new shape... enjoy...

Step 7: Working Video

This video is the proof it actually works...ive made this 4 months back and its great... try it...
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