Magnetic Metal Sweeper

Introduction: Magnetic Metal Sweeper

This video describes how to create a magnetic metal sweep.

Step 1: Drill

Drill holes in base

Step 2: Magnets

Fasten strong fishing magnets to the base

Step 3: Handle

Fasten the handle to the base

Step 4: Test

Use the sweeper to pick up nails, screws and swarf.

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    2 years ago

    I have a similar magnet that I use in my home workshop, it was always covered with iron fillings and a host of other magnetic dirt. After watching a youtube video, I now keep a layer of rag wrapped on the head, and tied off with an elastic band on the shaft. When i've used the magnetic i pull the rag into the bin, shake of the filings, screws etc and replace. A very useful addition, I would highly recommend the addition of a fabric shoe to your magnet.

    By the way, this looks very good, useful being so wide, having seen it I'm thinking I might try some sort of mop / magnetic tool strip combo


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hey, great tip! I'll definitely incorporate a plastic or fabric shoe cover. Thanks