Introduction: Magnetic Mini Golf

About: Magnet Enthusiast

SImple and fun game utilizing levitating pyrolytic graphite pieces

Step 1: What You Need

1. A thin piece of pyrolytic graphite

2. Rectangular magnets for the launch pad. I used 90 pieces of 10 mm x 5 mm x 3 mm grade N50 neodymium magnets. Every other magnet has south pole upwards and every other one has a north pole upwards (checkerboard pattern)

3. Couple of rod magnets for the launcher system. Ø 4 mm x 25 mm, grade N42 neodymium magnets

4. A Round magnetic levitation device that consists of a ring magnet and a cylinder shape magnet (The one I used was Ø 19 mm x 12 mm with a 8 mm hole ring magnet + Ø 8 mm x 12 mm cylinder magnet both grade N52)

5 A sheet of metal for the rectangular magnets

6. Some wood for the putting green. It's just a wooden box with a hole for the round magnetic levitation device.

7. Add green paper board and a cocktail stick flag for finishing touches