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Introduction: Magnetic Pumpkin Pendant

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hello everyone,

today I would like to share with you a simple yet unique wearable - electronic jewelry. this post is also a very good intro to basic electronics, 3D printing and etching. halloween is closing in, here is a great night light to walk the streets, you can customize your design too.!!

Consisting of only a few parts, the project costs about $2 in material.

Here is what we will need;

1x 3V battery

1x RGB slow fade LED

2x magnets

1x 3D printed clip (must be logged in to tinkercad to view)

1x etched frame


let's make..>

Step 1: Etching

i have used laser cutter to etch the design. if you don't have access to a laser cutter, you can use online service ponoko - or search for a local makerspace, become a member and get making.!!


black color is etched, red and green are cuts. we have to use 0.125" thick material. you can also etch the design using a dremel tool, here is a good instructable for more info;

Step 2: 3D Print

I designed the magnetic clips using free browser based design software tinkercad, it is very easy to use especially for total beginners, give it a try.!!

you can see the file here, even edit it if needed;

Step 3: Magnets

We start the assembly by hot gluing the magnets.


One goes to the cover clip and the other one goes to the back-plate.

Step 4: Circuit

We have a very basic, classic first intro to electronics circuit LED + battery.


The light will only turn on one way, when the positive leg of the LED touches the positive + on the battery. Just turn around the battery if it doesn't light up the first try :)

Step 5: Assembly

First place the LED over the battery, making sure it turns on.


Then slide them together into the reserved slot


Magnetic clip just slides over the frame holding both the battery and the LED secure in place..

Step 6: Clip On

Now all you have left to do is to decide where on your clothing to attach the pendant.


put the small back clip under the clothing, while holding in place bring together the front piece and it should just snap together :)

Step 7: Conclusion

Congratulations, you are now ready to flash your wearable this Halloween.!!


The color changing LED has a very nice effect, you can also choose to use a regular set color LED, just make sure its 3mm kind.. Take it a step further and maybe even make ear rings the same way..


Hope you enjoyed this instructable. Please remember to follow, favorite & share.

also VOTE for LED CONTEST.!!


thank you,

- Akin

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