Akin Yildiz

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Please support and share our mission; the Plant Doctor is a non-profit, open source online research laboratory specializing in electronics+plants. Our vision is to bring together nature and technology in a simple, non-harmful way. By educating the end user, we guarantee the success of our mission - change the world, one plant at a time...


1K+ Comments Earned a gold medal
1M+ Views Earned a silver medal
Halloween Decor Contest 2016
Contest Winner Runner Up in the Halloween Decor Contest 2016
LED Contest
Contest Winner Runner Up in the LED Contest
Internet of Things Contest 2016
Contest Winner Second Prize in the Internet of Things Contest 2016
Digital Life 101 Challenge
Contest Winner Grand Prize in the Digital Life 101 Challenge
Indoor Gardening Contest
Contest Winner Third Prize in the Indoor Gardening Contest
Home Technology Contest
Contest Winner First Prize in the Home Technology Contest

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