Introduction: Magnetic Random Number Generator for Your Fridge!! (Die)

Yep thats right throw it at the fridge and you receive random-ish numbers, Roll a Six and get to eat the Cake!

This instructable is my contribution to the fridge magnet group.

Essentially this project is just a few rare earth magnets stuck to a cube of wood

Step 1: Materials and Tools

21 Neodymium Magnets (5*5*3mm) (Disc magnets would have been better seeing you could inlay the magnets into the wood)
1 3.5cm cube of Wood
1 Tube of epoxy glue/resin
1 Varnish
Various grades of sandpaper
For this project you will need access to:

Some clamps
A Bandsaw
And a dust mask

You will also need periodically about 3 Hours as you can only glue about two magnets on the cube at any one time(due to the fact that these magnets like to jump free from the glue and stick to each other.).

Step 2: Making the Cube

OK your now ready to go.

Making the cube:

1. Get a block of wood.
2. Cut it into a rough cube using a band saw
3. Clamp a piece of wood parallel with the Band saw blade at a distance of just less than the smallest face on your cube.
4. Using this straight edge cut all the sides off your cube until you have a better cube..

Step 3: Sanding

Well this ones not a very complicated step, However it is slightly labor intensive unless you see fit to use the belt sander.

Just sand the corners and faces smooth using ever increasing grades of sandpaper.

Seeing i was only using soft wood Grades 80 and 600 were all i used.

Step 4: Glueing Your Fingers Together.

Ok we are now up the hardest most time consuming step Gluing.
You'll pretty much get glue EVERYWHERE unless well your a good glue'er
But don't worry your going to coat this in varnish so youl hardly notice

If you were to inlay Disc magnets at this step this project would be greatly improved. However, i have none of these "disc magnets" I speak of.

What makes this hard is the magnets tenancy to stick together or pull apart.
Hence you will need quick drying Epoxy / super glue.
Here i used 5 minute Epoxy.
You will need to hold (or clamp) each magnet in place until the initial drying time is up.

Oh and remember on a Die opposite faces add up to seven.

Step 5: Varnishing.

Once your sure all the glue on your RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR is dry

Your ready to start varnishing.

Just paint on the polyurethane and wait for the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR to dry once again.

you'll probably need to have some turpentine to clean up any mess and also clean the excess of your brush if you don't the brush will become unusable.

Step 6: YOU'RE DONE !!

Well there you have it your very own RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR.

surprisingly This die gives almost random results even with some sides having 6 times more magnets than others.

And it will stick when thrown from anywhere in the room.

And like always i would value any input on how to improve this Instructable , And would be interested in seeing anyone else's version of this project.

OH and VOTE for me so i can win a PRIZE : )