Introduction: Magnetize Your Medicine Cabinet

Many of your medicine cabinet essentials are relatively flat and can be stored attached directly to the cabinet wall with some strong refrigerator magnets. This Instructable describes how to do that.


Plastic push-pin refrigerator magnets

Angled plastic stock

Drill motor and drills




Step 1: Hang It

Some items can simply hang on a push-pin style magnet.

Step 2: Cradle It

Toothbrushes get replaced regularly so, it's best to magnetize the cradle instead of magnetizing the toothbrush.

Step 3: Magnetize It

A push-pin magnet can easily be inserted into the back of a flat comb.

Step 4: Choose Your Magnets

To get started, select your magnets. Plastic push-pin style refrigerator magnets work well and can be bought whever office supplies are sold. Actually, any small magnets will work, a 1/4" diameter or less is ideal. If you use plastic magnetic push-pins, you will have to remove the plastic. One way to do that is to make a hacksaw cut into the plastic then, crack the plastic off by twisting a screwdriver blade in the saw slot.

Step 5: Insert the Cradle Magnets

Select a piece of suitable angled plastic, mine was a leftover piece of moulding from a bathroom remodel. Layout the toothbrush slot and the magnet holes in the cradle. Drill pilot holes first, then the final drill size. This keeps the hole from drifting. Clear the toothbrush slot with a hacksaw or file. Press the magnets into the holes drilled slightly smaller than the magnets. A vise can help you press them into place. For a strong cabinet connection, make sure the magnets protrude slightly.

Step 6: Insert the Comb Magnet

Drill a hole slightly smaller than the magnet diameter and press the magnet into place. A vise helped me position the magnet so it protruded slightly beyond the comb. This makes for a strong connection to the cabinet. My comb was thicker than my magnets so, I stacked two magnets on top of each to get the proper height. You can see my stacked push-pin magnets in Step 4.

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