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Introduction: Magnets & Magnet Board

My little girl loves to play with magnets while standing next to the fridge, so I decided to make her a bunch with a travel magnet board so she can play with them on the go!  This toy has come in handy multiple times - in the car, at church, at graduations, etc.  It is easy to stow and keeps her entertained for a long time!

I also can use the travel magnetic board as a dry erase board for when my little girl gets a little bit older.

Step 1: Magnet Supplies

First I bought some wooden animals at Hobby Lobby for the magnets.  These pre-painted animals couldn't be cuter! They even have fuzzy noses (and in the tiger's case stripes) which makes them extra fun for my 1 year old to play with. Each one was only 66 cents.
There were a ton to choose from...I didn't even buy 1/2 of the selection.

Step 2: Magnets

I just glued a magnet on the back of each one with hot glue. I made sure to press the magnet down really hard while the glue dried. With some magnets I've noticed if too much glue dries between the magnet and the piece, the magnet just pops off when dropped. If I press down firmly while the glue dries my tiny girl can drop it over and over again without the magnet budging.

Step 3: Magnet Board

For the travel magnet board, I bought two magnetic dry erase boards for $6 each.

My magnetic boards were 9 inches by 12 inches, so I cut 2 pieces of felt 9.5 inches by 12.5 inches. (I got the stiff felt because it was bigger, but I'm sure any kind would work that was the right size) These were to glue the boards on to.

I also cut 2 pieces of felt the same size (9.5 x 12.5) but cut out a smaller 8.5 x 11.5 square from the center. This left me two rectangular "borders" of felt. This was to put on top of the board to create a nice border around the edges.

Step 4: Making the Cover Part 1

I took one of the two 9.5" x 12.5" felt pieces and sewed a 2 inch by 12.5 inch piece on to one side, overlapping about 3/4 inch.  This 2" x 12.5" piece will eventually be the binding.

Step 5: Making the Cover Part 2

I then sewed the "border" piece on to the other side of the felt using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. (To the inside of the presser foot.) I sewed all 4 sides because the felt gives a little so you can still get the board in.

Step 6: Making the Cover Part 3

I then put the first board in the border I had just sewed, and stacked the second board on top. I then put on the remaining piece of felt and wrapped the binding felt around until it fit the way I wanted it to. I pinned into place.

Step 7: Making the Cover Part 4

Once pinned, I sewed the binding on to the second side, and sewed the second border on just like I had done to the first side.
Then I sewed another piece of felt to the edge for the velcro closure.

Step 8: Making the Cover Part 5

I added velcro and hot glue gunned both boards into place.

Step 9: Finished Product

Voila! I have a easily accessible magnetic board that is perfect for on-the-go magnet fun. I can open it up so she has 2 surfaces, or fold it so the magnetic boards are on either side, allowing for 2 sides of fun (for even more compact spaces.)

When she gets older I can bring along a dry erase marker and tissue and she will have an easily accessible writing surface!

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    8 years ago

    If you are worried about your child eating the magnets you can buy sheets of magnet paper at any craft store. I think it's much cheaper than buying magnet pieces anyway, but this is a great idea! Thank you so much. I have been thinking of making something like this for each of my children. Great idea!!

    shelley echtle

    NOT enough photos of putting this together... I can't quite make out the instructions... Steps 4 and 5 are VERY CONFUSING... so even though at first I seemed excited... these directions leave me wary of trying!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic Idea! Great job. I may have to give something like this a go. I'll be sure to heed momjan's warning though.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Be VERY CAREFUL using these type, or any smallish magnets around kids!!!!! I remember reading an article a few years ago where a young child near Seatte DIED after chewing on some toys (erector type construction pieces) that had magnets in them. At least two of the magnets dislodged and he swallowed them. Not too bad - they should travel through his system and out, right? NO, the polar ends of the magnets attracted each other in his intestines and folded the intestines in half, causing a blockage and he DIED. The doctors didn't know at the time he had swallowed any magnets so hadn't been checking for any intestinal blockages. So, your best bet it to cut a slightly larger piece of felt or fabric and then perhaps glue the magnet to the article, cover the magnet with the extra piece of fabric and sew all around the edges so you have enclosed it in a box.