Introduction: Magni-Case Wallet Mill Template - Made @TechShop

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Setting up the Magni-Case Wallet for a small production run so I thought might as well make a template to make things easier on myself.
Truth be told, I probably would have marked all the lines and milled at least half of them before I finished this, but hey at least I got to make an instructable!

Card Case
Thin Plywood

Glue Gun
Saw (of any sort but machine preferably to save some trouble)

Step 1: Mark Off & Saw

This is the wood I'm using.
The Width pieces can be arbitrary lengths
This is me using a Hack Saw because I don't have access to the WoodShop yet :/

Step 2: Glue the Pieces Together

Align them with the Square and the Case Case then Glueeeee

Step 3: Make Pieces to Align the Y Axis

Measure and Repeat!
I'm making the mill hole 1 1/16"

Clamp a File into a vice and measure with a level for a planing surface (if you want)

Step 4: Make Pieces to Align the X Axis

1/8" from the edges

Step 5: Boom

Trial and Error. Lots of it.

Step 6: Ta-Da!

1 1/16" Line 1/8" from the edge!

PM for inquires :)