Introduction: Mahogany Flooring Cutting Board

This is an instructable on how to construct a cutting board with two types of woods. In the project I used reclaimed wood from an old hose I was renovating. I got the mahogany from the floors and the maple from the trim in the home.

Step 1: Gather Wood and Rip

The first thing I did hear was to gather my wood of choice and decided on what my plan of action for each piece was going to be. I than began to rip everything down to my desired sizes 1 by 4 is where I brought everything down to and then, cut my pieces into 16 inches.

Step 2: Lay It Out

I brought all the wood together to get an idea of how I wanted the board to look. I decide on the mahogany in the middle for more of my desired look.

Step 3: Glue It Up

Put all the wood in the desired set up. Glue sides of wood together, I decided to put pieces on the flat. After gluing everything up, grab you clamps and lay wood on flat surface do reduce planning time and fluctuations in the wood. I let dry over night.

Step 4: Plane,plane,plane

I had to plane this down quite a bit, due to the flooring grooves on the underside of the mahogany. I brought the piece down to about 3/4 of an inch. So this took a bit of time as maple and mahogany are pretty solid woods, I tend to take it slow on gradually bring the wood down to size,to not beat up my planner blades to much.

Step 5: Sand Er Down

I started with my disk sander with a 50 grit sand paper to get my rounded corners and shape. I then gradually sanded by hand from 60 to 320, until the board was nice and smooth.

Step 6: Finish, I Mean Finish

I like to use walnut oil to seal my cutting boards, it's not better or worse then Lin seed oil, or any other cutting board oil, I just enjoy the smell and the color I get from the woods. So pour a generous amount and wipe in to board. I tend to do three thick coats of oil, it seems to do the trick in sealing the wood. I hope you enjoyed reading my instructable, and that you will share your experience with making your own cutting board.

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