Introduction: Mail

A simple email notification sent by Caye nne and triggered by a PIR motion sensor (connected to a Node MCU ESP8266) powered by a USB power bank.

Step 1: Cayenne

Paste the Cayenne device token into the Arduino code.

Add your SSID and Password to the Arduino code as well.

Upload to the Node MCU ESP8266 .


Step 2: Power

Plug the Node MCU ESP8266 into your power bank.

Step 3: Physical Connect

Connect power and ground to your PIR motion sensor (depending on your sensor you may need to provide 5V from the power bank) and the signal out to Pin D2 of your Node MCU ESP8266 .

Step 4: Virtual Connect

Add the digital motion sensor to Cayenne after the device connects. Make sure to select your "Arduino"-(Node MCU ESP8266), Virtual Pin, and Pin V1.

Step 5: Set Trigger

Click the top right drop down and add a trigger. Drag your ''Arduino"- (Node MCU ESP8266) to trigger and add your email to notify.

Step 6: Place in Your Mailbox for the Unsuspecting Mailman.

Those awesome people deliver your mail.

Step 7: Enjoy That Feeling of Knowing Your Package Has Arrived Safely in Your Mailbox From Anywhere in the World!

I would like to thank Cayenne for sponsoring this project and Chao @Electrodragon for some amazing and cheap parts (that I hope arrive soon) !

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    5 years ago

    Word of advice, make sure your mailman knows what it is. Mine thought it was an explosive. Having the bomb squad get you out of bed is not a good way to wake up.