Introduction: Mailbox for Duplex

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The mailboxes for our duplex were due for an upgrade. After looking around for a replacement I decided to make one myself. I was inspired by the Instructable for a Modern Mailbox.

Step 1: Before Shot

Not very attractive.

Step 2: Roughing It Out

Using my old mailboxes as a guide I roughed out the form of the double wide mailbox. There are regulations for the size and placement of mailboxes. You can go to to get specs but I based my project on existing placement and size of the standard metal boxes. Besides the reclaimed/re-purposed wood pieces and the metal sheeting I had around I purchased:

  • little hinges for the doors
  • Push/pull cabinet hardware
  • Reflectors for the flag (came in a pack of 2)
  • Reflective numbers that can be seen from the street

I covered the top piece with metal sheeting. I made it so the top overhangs the boxes by an 1" on three sides. I left it flush on the side with the flag to allow the flag to move freely. I also made a little circular spacer out of Sculpey to unsure that the flag had clearance. I positioned two screws for the "stops" for the flag. I spray painted the "A" and "B" on the doors and made little pull tabs from sheet metal scrap.

Step 3: Finishing

Another thing I had to keep in mind was weatherability. Nobody wants soggy mail! I added strips of plywood behind the doors to act as weatherstripping. I coated the exterior of the box with an acrylic sealer and used clear silicon anywhere water might be likely to seep in. I mounted the mailbox on the existing 4x4. Using lag bolts I attached a 9"x9" piece of wood to the 4x4 - then screwed on the mailbox from underneath. I also used two "L" brackets on the 4x4 for extra support and to prevent wobbling.