Introduction: Make a Basic WebSite Using Google Sites

You can create a simple website for personal, family, a club, class or other group. What ever your reason for creating a site Google will probably be able to help you.
You can sign up for Sites straight off but I would recommend singing up for a Google email account first and then using the Google calendar & Photos first before Diving in to the sites.

Now for Clubs or Groups that you might not always be a part of and may want to pass on the responsibility of to someone else - Don' t use your personal email address to sign up for gmail. Use Yahoo to create an email account relevant to the group or club, it could also be used as a point of contact.

Step 1: Gmail

Firstly as previously suggested create a yahoo or hotmail account for free. ( I am going to assume, at this point, you know how to do this)
try etc.. (replace MyClub with your club name)

I find that keeping a sheet of paper with the account details on for your club makes it easier in the future with passing over info etc.. or even getting someone else to help update the site!

Then you can create a gmail account - Again going to assume you are able to fill in a form to create an email address.

Step 2: Google Calendar

OK your Group that you will create your site for will, I imagine, have events, important dates for the diary etc etc...
So the Google Calendar is a good place to put these as you can update them here and Once on your website it will automatically update.

So when you log in to Google you get a selection of links running across the top of the screen left to right. Click on calendar, the first time you do this it will probably ask if you want to associate your gmail with Google calendars. Select Yes.

Google calendars works like most calendars - you can add recurring events every week, day 12 weeks etc... until you say stop or until a certain date.

Add a few events that are happening in the near future.

You can have multiple calendars in the my calendar section - useful for a football team with 1st team, reserves, juniors etc

Step 3: Google Photos - NOT Images

Like the calendar you may need to confirm you want to link this app to your google account. & it is also accessible via the menu at the top of the screen.

This is Picasa which you can download the photo manager programme and link it to your google account for easier uploading, OPTIONAL

Here you can have Pictures in albums like you would on your computer.

Add a few Pictures you think you may need to begin with for your site put them in a folder.

Step 4: Sites

From the links at the top of the screen (you may need to click on More to get to the sites link) click on Sites.
you will need to think of a name for your site. short and simple is best. I've seen a Pen Island web address which is something different depending on how you read it! So think about it before you choose.

You can choose a template to use which may be easier - although you will need to figure how how things work so you can change them.
It may be an idea to have a test site you can try things out on and then a real one.

You can choose a theme for your blank site - a colour scheme and background look for it.

Enter the security word
click create site.

Step 5: First Page - Blank

You will now have a blank page to work with.
You may want to just have 1 page or many pages. The home page is the first one people will see when they get to your site so make it work, make it noticeable etc..

I would leave Your home page blank for now and think about any other pages you want. A News page, a Team  page, a Fixtures page.
Click on create page (top right)

you can pick the type of page you create.
Web Page 
File Cabinet 

Web Page can be your home page or other similar blank page
Announcement can be a news page
File Cabinet can be an place to get and add assignments
List can be a results page.

You can create as many pages as you like and as any type you like.

 When you have your pages created you need to edit them.

Step 6: Edit Pages

I find it best to have a play with what google has to offer here. Create a blank web page and experiment. 
on your new blank webpage click Edit page in the top right corner.

You can now add text by typing in the boxes - you can change the title of the page that will also change in the navigation bar at the side.

try the insert menu on the top left of the edit screen. 

in the google section you can add the photo's you added to your Gmail Photos earlier or the calendar which will show the events that are up and coming.

when you want to see what your page looks like click on save.

I know this is only a really basic instructable but should get you started. It is fairly simple like using word and a worst case scenario is you delete your website and start again. have a play and see what you can do.

Home page - It is a good idea to have bits of the rest of your site on this one. For example the last 5 match results, or a smaller calendar with an overview of events. These are added from the bottom of the Insert list. Recent list (list page) recent posts (announcement page).

This is the one that I have created for our ladies football team. 

Step 7: THE EXTRA's

Well there are lots you can do and having a play and seeing what you need most works well. After you have had a play it may be worth while create a site from a template that has already been created by someone else.

But extra's
Youtube- link to your youtube to add videos
Adsense - you can make money on advertising on your site.
Maps - show people where you are or where an event is going to be
More gadgets - you can add other gadgets that people have created - games, news etc..

Hope it helps.