Introduction: Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Bad News: Your leather wallet just ripped and you need something to hold your money and credit cards. Solution: quick and easy duct tape wallet! This Instructable shows an easy step-by-step way to make a duct tape wallet. Estimated Time: 30 Minutes.

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed are:
  • Duct Tape
  • Exacto Knife
  • Credit Card or gift certificate(I chose my library card) (Not Shown)

Step 2: The Wallet Part One

To begin, lay one piece of duct tape about 8-9 inches long sticky side up. Then, lay another piece, the same length, sticky side up slightly overlapping the first piece. Continue this with two more pieces.

Once you have finished laying those four pieces down, lay four more sticky side down on top of the other pieces. Then, using the exacto knife, cut off all of the excess sticky parts.. You should have something looking like the last photo.

Step 3: The Wallet Part Two

Now, you have to fold the object that you have in half over the horizontal line. Then, fold over the vertical line. Since you don't want your money to fall out you have to tape over the open ends. Once you have done that, you can hold money in your wallet.

Step 4: The Pockets

Now for the pockets. To make the pockets, you need to cut 2 pieces of tape equal to the size of your card. Lay one sticky side up and the other sticky side down on top of it. Then, cut off the excess sticky pieces. Cut that piece in half to make two pockets. Measure where on the wallet the pockets can go without the card sticking out. Use a second piece of tape cut in half to tape down the pockets. The pockets are done!

Step 5: Finished!

You have now made a duct tape wallet!
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