Introduction: Make a Fake Stack in OS X 10.4

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Have Leopard in your Macintosh ?
Neither me
That's why I made this instructable
Just because I want all my crap easily accesible !

The only thing you need is your mac and the mandatory hardware (mouse , keyboard, screen...)

Step 1: Create a Copy of Your Desired Folder

Right click the folder , select "create alias" or "duplicate"

Step 2: Clone-ify Your Folder

First right click your origin folder ,choose "obtain information" select the icon , And Press "Command" + "C" in the Keyboard (to copy the icons )
Then, Right click the "stack" , Select "obtain information" , Select the Icon , Then Press "Command" + "v"
(paste) ,

Now Both Folders (fake stack , and original ) have the same icon

FYI : the "command " button is the one with the apple logo

Change The Name From "applications Alias" to "applications " or "Apps"

Step 3: Final Step and Use

To finish this , drag the icon to the Dock , Easy as that !

Click in the icon on the dock for 3 seconds , and Voila it will appear as a stack!