Introduction: Make a Planner Binder

Have you ever wanted a dream log, a garden planner, a grade manager, and an errand list all in one? Well this is your solution!

Step 1: Get a Binder

Choose a binder from the store, you can get any kind, or any color you desire.

Step 2: Choose How

Choose how you would like to decorate your binder. I used mod podge and a roll of fabric scraps that I bought from walmart.

Step 3: Get Your Pages

I went onto and got all the pages I needed. I would highly recommend that site.

Step 4: Add Tabs

I used white duct tape and sharpies. I tore each piece in half to where it is an inch wide, and then fold it onto the page as a divider. Then color code.

Step 5: Whole Punch!

Whole lunch all of your pages.

Step 6: Sort All of Your Pages Into Groups

Sort them into groups and make a table of contents.

Step 7: Put It In!

Put everything into your notebook! Keep everything organized.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Decorate it however you like! Be creative!

Step 9: Reminder:

Remember that this is probably going to go into your bookbag, so make sure it's sturdy!

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