Introduction: Make a Portable Tool Holder

This instructable will show you how to make a portable tool holder out of an old suitcase.
Btw this is my first instructable!



Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed

Glue (hot glue, epoxy, or caulking...) or Velcro
Old tool containers and other containers

Step 2: Test Fit the Containers

Try to fit the containers into the suitcase... The smaller ones are tupaware and tackle boxes, I like to use them for miscellaneous hardware and tools...

Step 3: Start Prepping the Containers

Take all your containers and line the bottoms with Velcro or glue (warning! Don't use hot glue if your suitcase will melt). I used Velcro so that I could remove them whenever I wanted. If you use Velcro, also cut appropriate sizes for the other side.

Step 4: Fit the Things Into the Suitcase

What the title says... Remember to put the other side of the Velcro onto the container first so it will stick to the suitcase in the right place. Put the tools in the boxes so the adhesive has some pressure to stick and cure. Also, make sure that you put the items in the right place, because if you use glue and it's In the wrong place, then, I don't even want to know.(I hate cleaning up glue ;). )

Wait for glue to dry

Step 5: Final Stuff

As you can see, when I stand it up then open it, nothing falls out....

Btw that last photo there, that's my work-table. For my next instructable, I'll show how to clean up a work table.

Thanks for viewing! Please tell me if there are any problems!

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