Introduction: Make Cake Pops!

I am making cake pops because they are a good small treat and are easy to make. They are a really good treat for parties or just for a quick treat that everyone will love!

Step 1: Things You Need:


13x9 inch cake pan

Betty Crocker's Yellow Cake Mix - 15.25oz

Pillsbury or Betty Crocker's Creamy Vanilla Frosting

Tablespoon to round the cake ball

Vanilla Candiquik Candy melt or White Almond Bark

Treat sticks/Skewers

Toll House Nestle Chocolate chips to melt and put over top (optional)

Snack size Ziploc bag, if putting on chocolate drizzle

Pan or Styrofoam

Parchment paper

Step 2: Instructions:

Bake a cake of your choice. After it is baked then you need to let the cake cool.Take the cake and put it into a bowl and break it all up into crumbs. Then when it is all crumbs, you want to add about 1 to 2 heaping spoonfuls of Creamy frosting and mix the cake crumbs and frosting together. When everything kind of sticks together and can be rolled into a ball, it is good.

Then you want to take your tablespoon and take about a tablespoon full of the mix and then start shaping it into a ball. When it is a good, spherical shape you want to place it on a pan lined with parchment paper.

Place Candy Melt or almond bark in a bowl and microwave until melted to a liquid state, about 1 minute. When it is melted you want to take your treat sticks/skewers and dip them in the candy melt then stick them all the way into the top of the cake pop. When all the sticks are on the pops, you can either have a semi-flat top by setting them on the ball or put the sticks into styrofoam so they stand straight up. Then you want to put them in the fridge to cool for a bit.

After about 10-15 min in the fridge, you want to take them back out and place them on the counter. Then you take your candy melt again and make sure that it is still liquid, if it is too hard, microwave until liquid again. Put the melt in a bowl and then you take your cake pops and roll them in the melt until covered. Once the pops are covered in the candy melt, you can put them onto your pan or in your Styrofoam again. If you want, you can take chocolate chips and melt them. Once melted you can let them cool for a tiny bit and then pour it into a plastic Ziploc bag. You can make a small hole in the corner of the bag so you can drizzle out the chocolate onto the cake pop.

When you are finished putting everything on top of your cake pops, you put them in the fridge to cool. After they are set, take them out and your project is complete! Enjoy eating them!