Introduction: Make Cheap, Easy Cardboard Small Parts Storage Organizers

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How to make small boxes (at a very low cost) solve a need and organize small parts. I make these boxes as needed, so it doesn't become an overwhelming chore all at once. It's a good way to store small parts in the workshop. And we are reuseing cardboard that otherwise might not be recycled.

Step 1: Tools You Will Need.

Common tools, box cutter or mat cutting knife, straight edge, ruler, clamps and glue.

Step 2: Make As Many Blanks As You Want or Will Need.

Here I've cut 5 or 6 blanks, but could be cutting out 10, 20 or more.

Step 3: Score on Marked Lines

At lines drawn at 1 1/4 inches around blank, score with the bone scorer.

Step 4: Fold Up Edges to Glue

On the scored lines, edges are folded up, and the end flaps are folded inward and glued with clamps.

Step 5: Completed Boxes, Ready to Fill and Use.

Here is seen the results of our labors...several small boxes, some with dividers, ready to use.