Introduction: Make Cricket Sounds With Arduino

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The cricket is a little bug that makes noisy sounds at night.

Some people find them annoying. But some others -and I’m one of them- find them soothing and a symbol of nature and piece.

I admit that this repeatable sound of cricket can be annoying. It might get you sleep deprivation specially if it keeps making this noise in a place near where you sleep.

But the other type of people who find its sound soothing may be grateful to hear it at bedtime and feel relaxed from it.

There are even some iPhone and Android apps that do nothing but playing those sounds to keep you relaxed.

Today I thought of generating these sound using Arduino for fun.

This can be a good way of relaxation and you don’t need to go look for that cricket if you want it to stop. In this case you can simply turn it off.

After all you are who programmed it.

I found a good post from a cleaver guy who made the most annoying cricket sound ever.

He wanted to make it a prank for his friend that he made the sound generation at random intervals.

He also made a consistent version of sound that sounded just like the normal cricket does.

In this version you can control the volume using PWM Pulse Width Modulation.

I liked the consistent sound version.

So here is how I made it.

Here is my Channel on Youtube:


Step 1: Components

What you’ll need:

Arduino board. eBay , Amazon

8 ohm speaker.

Wires to connect the speaker to Arduino board.

USB Arduino Cable

Step 2: Program the Code

Program the software using Arduino IDE

Full software are available from the original page:

Step 3: Connect the Circuit and Run

You can change the sound of the cricket as you like. The volume, times and randomness.

Thank you for reading.

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